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    Hello, I'm trying to get a bar to show only when I have an item or skill picked up on my cursor (to be able to drop it on that bar).

    Old Bartender (v3) used to show hidden bars while you were dragging skills in them.. I haven't found a way to do that now.

    Tried to find a conditional approach to that but with no luck.

    Bar should be enabled for using keybindings, hidden and clickthrough on normal conditions, and shown only if I'm dragging items/skills. It's a big step backward in usability for me, I've been sorely missing this since the update from bartender3 to 4.

    as it stands now I have to open the configuration, select the bar, uncheck hidden, change the skills in it and then hide it again.

    There's any way to achieve this now? or any hope for this feature to be added to the addon?

    Thanks, and best regards.
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