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    posted a message on Looking for font replacement
    I used sharedmedia for a lot of different fonts, this was a great addon.

    now with 3.2 it completely stopped working, most of my fonts and some textures are missing and I cannot use them anymore. I dont understand why that is. I tried putting them into the Mymedia folder but this did not help at all.
    I also have every addon running that I used before and they are all up to date.

    It seems others are not having this problem, please help me.
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    posted a message on why is my bar texture gone in x-perl?
    Sharedmedia is not working for me anymore, I am not trying to abuse this thread but the addon does nothing for me now because I cannot use any fonts it provided through other addons before.
    All my addons are updated and I use exactly the same as before.

    I am also missing textures and fonts for my uiframes, chat etc:confused:
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    posted a message on Sharedmedia - fonts not working properly anymore
    I have used sharedmedia for some time now and never really had any issues.
    I never had to use Mymedia because all the fonts and textures I wanted were alrready there.

    Now with the patch almost all fonts are disabled though, I tried putting my data into Mymedia folder and creating a MyMedia.lua but it will not work and I cant choose my old fonts anymore.

    They are still all in the /fonts folder, the lines in the .lua are still all correct and I am using the same addons,all updated as before.
    In my FrameXML I can also read a line stating "MyMedia.lua" could not be loaded. this happened before I even created a sharedmedia_MyMedia folder and it did not change now that I actually created the mymedia.lua.

    Anyway I never relied on putting the fonts in MyMedia before, why are all my fonts gone?

    update:what I just realised is that if I enable Miks Scrolling Battle text some fonts are usable again. The problem is I am using and have been using Parrot for a long time.
    Is there any way I could have been able to use fonts until this patch even though I was not using the addon anymore that provided them?

    Because I am using all the addons I had enabled until two days ago - when I had 20+ fonts tro choose from which are all gone now.

    Help is greatly appreciated
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    thanks for the response and you are right, I am playing around with it a little right now and I have to say it is not bad at all, actually it is faster once you have set up a few layouts, like you said.
    guess I was too impatient because I wanted to start playing. I like working on my UI but not after such a long break and so much to see ;D

    I cant find the entry for the 5 min pvp timer though when I enter a safe zone or turn off pvp, I dont really need that because I am playing on a pvp server anyway. Not even sure if it is a pitbull option because I use a few addons now that are completely new to me and I am starting to get confused.
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    Hey there,
    I am just starting to play WoW again and getting eytremely frustrated with the new pitbull4
    The new config menu is a step backwards if you ask me, it wasnt perfect before but now it is just even more time consuming and not intuitive at all.

    I always enjoyed the old pitbull with the new version I cant even make the most basic things work, How is it I am not able to distinguish between my player frame and target auras anymore?

    I want buffs and debuffs displayed above my targets frame but not the player frame, however any change I make affects all frames at once :sad:
    help is greatly appreciated.

    edit: Ok I was able to find out on my own through using a saved layout on the player frame... this would mean I have to create numerous layouts and save them then apply each of them to every frame I need specific changes for and adjusting all the layouts all the time? This cant be right, am I doing it wrong?
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