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    I'm afraid I have no idea what "CraftBar" is. And judging by the number of views with the lack of replies. I'm going to guess I'm not the only one.
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    Quote from Roartindon »
    This is unfortunately a known problem with no known solution yet. It's also the reason that the padding options were removed at one stage.

    It is caused by WoW preventing certain things working during combat (adjusting the frame size/height) - and nameplates that appear after combat starts all suffer from this problem.

    It works fine as long as the nameplates are visible before combat, or if you do not enter combat - so I've left the option in for now; but looking for a better solution

    Ahh. Thank you. I've hacked together a little script runs after combat ends that changes the padding options to reset those frames that stick (party members' and pet's frames usually) -- not sure if it would be efficient for you to do the same, or if you already are and some frames are not effected for one reason or another (or perhaps you haven't due to the way it makes the frames suddenly jump after combat?) Then again, the only reason I am severely impacted by this is my 2560x1024 resolution. Which makes the nameplates and blizz' floating damage text ridiculously large.

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    Getting a weird random glitch, where the nameplates (randomly) keep the same appearance, but get a "padding" around them as large as my original nameplates (which is huge on my dual screen setup) which can be clicked as though it were a nameplate...

    [xxxx can click on this xxxxx]

    If it sticks, changing the size of the nameplate, or changing the built in padding options seems to correct it (but only out of combat)
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    Quote from Neebler »


    I've seen your interfaces before and tried for that "black bars" look, as it's really neat... and just couldn't pull it off... Looks elegant though
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    I've nabbed the show/hide functions out of the addon, added textures, and am manually calling them for things that aren't supported by the addon (low health warnings, generalized warnings for when I don't have an aura/blessing up on my pally unit specific (party memebers) debuffs... Stuff like that...)

    Saving me a lot of work, and the animations POWA is capable of are far prettier than anything I could ever hope to toss together.
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    I'm using Infinibar now for everything but my "main" set of buttons, in which I need alt self cast, but reaaaaallly want Infinibars Modifier Key + Modifier Key functionality. (6 modifier states, rather than 3)

    I actually WANT my bars to shift when I press alt though, as I have a "self cast bar" mapped to alt. But I must join Ayindi in humbly requesting modifier self cast (esp. alt).

    Going to convert my Hunter entirely to Infinibar though! just need alt self cast for my Priest/Pally/Shaman, and with the way keys are hard bound, I can't even get around it by binding alt+key to a different barmod :P

    Thanks for a great Addon. The Combat Fade in/out functionality has inspired me to redo my whole UI!
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