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    Hi there,

    i have come up with an idea for an addon that i want to share with you.

    I am using xloot for years by now. I like the minimalistic roll-bars which i have placed at the left border of the screen. I like to go old content with my friends, so everytime we kill a 25-man boss, the whole left will be full with roll frames/bars and that stuff. Furthermore, i have to mouseover every single icon to see the items tooltip before i decide what to roll (like T-tokens, i simply cant remember which one is for which class).

    So, my idea:
    I would like a single frame that pops up after you loot. On top of that frame there are the roll-buttons (need,greed,DE,pass). After that you see the whole item tooltip, like icon, stats, whatever your other addons add to it (already have, last time sold, whatever). Below the tooltip, there is a single "time left for rolls" bar ticking down and a counter of how many more rolls you have to make.

    That means, instead of many roll frames/bars/panels/whatever, there is this one window which "stacks" your rolls. You loot, the window pops up and shows you the first item to roll on. You decide for need/greed/de/pass, and after that the next item is shown in the same window.

    Metaphorical, think of it as a stack of item-cards. You loot a boss and get for example 10 "cards". Now you have 10 cards as a stack in your hand. You look at the top most card, decide if you keep it or not, and make your roll. You throw that card away and see the next one, untill all of the loot got distributed.

    Would this type of addon be possible by the WoW API, or is the whole roll-frames-thing to much hardcoded by blizzard?
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