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    I've been using Recount and Omen together for a couple years now, but I've just started tanking. Recount is supposed to have a Threat graph? Is this a feature that was removed a while back? Being able to see what threat my party members have would be useful.
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    Okay, I've done my toying around with the tag format, and here's what I've got for mine:
    ["lefts"] = {
    	"[PvP:Red] [Status]", -- [1]
    	"[PvPRank] [Name:HostileColor]", -- [2]
    	"[Guild:Angle:HostileColor]", -- [3]
    	"[if not IsPlayer and IsPet then Faction:HostileColor]", -- [4]
    	"[Level:DifficultyColor] [SmartRace]", -- [5]
    	"[FractionalHP:HPColor]", -- [6]
    	"[if HasMP then FractionalMP:Short:PowerColor]", -- [7]
    ["rights"] = {
    	nil, -- [1]
    	"", -- [2]
    	"", -- [3]
    	"", -- [4]
    	"[Classification] [Class:ClassColor]", -- [5]
    	"[PercentHP:Percent:Paren:HPColor]", -- [6]
    	"[if HasMP then PercentMP:Percent:Paren:PowerColor]", -- [7]

    I want to get my PvPRank to do double duty on either side of the name, as I had before, without showing the ", Champion of the Naaru" or ", Hand of A'dal", or the other unique titles. But I haven't figured that one out yet.
    Remember, it doesn't hurt to do your own tinkering, and toying with the examples CK's given. That's how I figured out the Faction part of my tool tip.
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    I'm new at using CowTip, but I've been playing with the syntax in the default tooltip. This is what I've got:

    [PvPRank] [Name:HostileColor]
    [PvP:Red] [Level]
    [SmartRace] [SmartClass:ClassColor]
    [FractionalHP:Short:HPColor] [PercentHP:Percent:Paren:HPColor]
    [~HasNoMP?Text([FractionalMP:Short:PowerColor] [PercentMP:Percent:Paren:PowerColor])]

    Yes, it's a mishmash of stuff, but it's the format I want it in. My biggest annoyance is that the [Faction] function will not allow the modifier RepColor, which to me is a little silly. It returns back with an error till I remove the RepColor mod. But at least the Faction will not turn up as either Alliance or Horde, and the HostileColor seems to be taking the RepColor properties (League of Arathor is Yellow to me, PvP'ers are Green, and everyone else is Blue, but I haven't tested it with other factions).
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