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    Quote from Andeh_SM
    I'm having problems using the DogTag [Combos] in PitBull (PitBull v3.2.6, LibDogTag-Unit-3.0 30000).

    Usage is: [Combos:Hide(0)] which worked fine prior to patch.

    Symptoms are combo point text not updating while in combat. If I use Cheap Shot or Sinister Strike from Stealth (and hence OOC), it updates to the correct text for the combo points. But it will not update any further changes to combo points while in combat.

    I noticed that LibDogTag-Unit-3.0\Categories\Misc.lua was using PLAYER_COMBO_POINTS instead of UNIT_COMBO_POINTS, but fixing that doesn't solve the combat problem.

    No errors are generated during this.

    I too, am experiencing combo points not updating in 3.2.7
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