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    posted a message on The ongoing classes.
    I've learned a lot thru the classroom logs, mostly lua and tables stuff.
    Thanks a lot Rowne! :D

    I'm gonna go "Aceify" my addons now. If there are a couple of other tutorials, that will probably help me more.

    I even learned the ~= symbol, I was always using "not x == y" since I didn't knew better...:oops:

    Just wanted to leave something to help others too (even if it's late in the thread). Perhaps nobody will see this, or it was solved before... Anyway...

    In section [M], Rowne mentionned a trick about having "t = t<2 and t or 2" or stuff around it, but in the version of the text file I read, it's still in the normal form : "if t < 2 then t = 2 end"

    I wanted to check if it's possible to use "ternaries" to solve this.

    Here's an explanation from the lua doc how "and" & "or" works
    X and Y -> if X is true (or any value away from 0/nil), return Y else return X (return false)
    X or Y -> if X is true, return X else return Y
    Also, the "and" is going before the "or"

    now, for the math problem:
    if t < 2 then t = 2 end
    Can it be shortened to the form: t = t<2 and t or 2 (or something near this)?

    Step 1:
    t<2 and t
    if t is bigger, it will give t
    if t is lower, it will give true
    Step 2:
    t (true) or 2 -> will give t
    true or 2 -> will give true... not what we want

    The solution is: t = t>=2 and t or 2
    Step 1:
    t >= 2 and t
    it will return t if it's bigger
    it will return false if it's lower
    Step 2:
    t (true) or 2 -> will return t
    false or 2 will return 2
    if t is nil: t>=2 and t will return nil
    nil or 2 will return 2

    To use "and" & "or" on the same line, we need to be careful to check that the return value isn't always true, we must make it false to continue the chain.
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