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    posted a message on BigBrother errors on deDE client
    Jep, works indeed :) thanks for that!
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    posted a message on BigBrother errors on deDE client
    This can't be right in my eyes, because you're missing some " in your code.
    Beside that, the fix looks strange, but maybe it works.
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    posted a message on BigBrother - Some flasks are missing
    Yes, another new mistake :>
    You have to substitute line 5 in the localization_deDE.lua with the following string:

    ["Checks for flasks, elixirs and food buffs."] = "\195\156berpr\195\188ft die Nutzung von Fl\195\164schchen, Elixieren und Essen im Raid.",

    (the old version of line 5 you can find above). That should work.
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    posted a message on BigBrother - Some flasks are missing
    I just wanted to say that I've solved all problems. The *.lua above should be correct now and there are no errors waiting for you in WoW :)

    If you want my little "HotFix" for the BuffWindow.lua as well, take a look at that:

    local BigBrother_Flasks={
    {L["Flask of Fortification"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_119.blp"},
    {L["Flask of the Titans"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_62.blp"},
    {L["Flask of Mighty Restoration"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_118.blp"},
    {L["Supreme Power"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_41.blp",L["Flask of Supreme Power"]},
    {L["Flask of Relentless Assault"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_117.blp"},
    {L["Mighty Restoration of Shattrath"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_118.blp",L["Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration"]},
    {L["Fortification of Shattrath"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_119.blp",L["Shattrath Flask of Fortification"]},
    {L["Relentless Assault of Shattrath"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_117.blp",L["Shattrath Flask of Relentless Assault"]},
    {L["Supreme Power of Shattrath"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_41.blp",L["Shattrath Flask of Supreme Power"]},
    {L["Unstable Flask of the Bandit"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_91.blp"},
    {L["Unstable Flask of the Beast"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_35.blp"},
    {L["Unstable Flask of the Elder"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_77.blp"},
    {L["Unstable Flask of the Physician"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_70.blp"},
    {L["Unstable Flask of the Soldier"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_84.blp"},
    {L["Unstable Flask of the Sorcerer"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_42.blp"},
    {L["Flask of Pure Death"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_115.blp"},
    {L["Flask of Blinding Light"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_116.blp"},
    {L["Chromatic Wonder"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_116.blp"},
    {L["Chromatic Resistance"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_48.blp"},
    {L["Distilled Wisdom"],"Interface\\Icons\\INV_Potion_97.blp"},

    This should be right at the beginning of the file, just replace the lines there with those here. I wasn't sure which icon Chromatic Wonder has, so I took the same as for Flask of Blinding Light.
    With these changes, the new Flasks should work as well.
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    posted a message on BigBrother - Some flasks are missing
    [*EDIT*]Use the following localization_deDE.lua for the new 2.2 patch - it works fine with the german client. All translation mistakes are fixed and new flasks included:

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("BigBrother")

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    ["Flask Check"] = "Fl\195\164schchen-Check",
    ["Checks for flasks on the raid."] = "\195\156berpr\195\188ft die Nutzung von Fl\195\164schchen im Raid.",

    ["Self"] = "Selbst",
    ["Reports result only to yourself."] = "Berichtet die Resultate nur an dich selbst.",

    ["Party"] = "Gruppe",
    ["Reports result to your party."] = "Berichtet die Resultate an deine Gruppe.",

    ["Raid"] = "Raid",
    ["Reports result to your raid."] = "Berichtet die Resultate an den gesamten Raid.",

    ["Guild"] = "Gilde",
    ["Reports result to guild chat."] = "Berichtet die Resultate an die gesamte Gilde.",

    ["Officer"] = "Offizier",
    ["Reports result to officer chat."] = "Berichtet die Resultate an den Offiziers-Chat.",

    ["Whisper"] = "Fl\195\188stern",
    ["Reports result to the currently targeted individual."] = "Berichtet die Resultate an die aktuell ausgew\195\164hlte Person.",

    ["Reports if hostile polymorphs or shackles are broken and by who."] = "Berichtet wenn Verwandlungen unterbrochen werden, und von wem.",

    ["Misdirect"] = "Irref\195\188hrung",
    ["Reports who gains misdirection."] = "Berichtet wer Irref\195\188hrung bekommt.",

    ["BuffCheck"] = "BuffCheck",
    ["Pops up a window to check various raid/elixir buffs (drag the bottom to resize)."] = "\195\150ffnet ein Fenster um diverse Raid- und Elixier-Buffs zu checken.",

    ["No Flask"] = "Kein Fl\195\164schchen",
    ["No Flask or Elixir"] = "Kein Fl\195\164schchen oder Elixier",
    ["Only One Elixir"] = "Nur ein Elixier",
    ["Well Fed"] = "Satt",
    ["No Food Buff"] = "Kein Essen-Buff",

    ["Misdirection on |cff40ff40%s|r."] = "Irref\195\188hrung auf |cff40ff40%s|r.",
    ["Polymorph on %s|r removed by %s|r's %s"] = "Verwandlung von %s|r unterbrochen durch %s|r's %s",
    ["Polymorph on %s|r removed by %s|r"] = "Verwandlung von %s|r unterbrochen durch %s|r",
    ["Polymorph on %s|r is removed"] = "Verwandlung von %s|r ist unterbrochen",
    ["Shackle on %s|r removed by %s|r's %s"] = "Fesseln auf %s|r unterbrochen durch %s|r's %s",
    ["Shackle on %s|r removed by %s|r"] = "Fesseln auf %s|r unterbrochen durch %s|r",
    ["Shackle on %s|r is removed"] = "Fesseln auf %s|r ist unterbrochen",

    ["Raid Buffs"] = "Raid Buffs",
    ["Paladin Buffs"] = "Paladin Buffs",
    ["Consumables"] = "Verbrauchsartikel",

    -- Consumables
    ["Flask of Fortification"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der St\195\164rkung",
    ["Flask of the Titans"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der Titanen",
    ["Flask of Mighty Restoration"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der m\195\164chtigen Wiederherstellung",
    ["Flask of Relentless Assault"] = "Fl\195\164schchen des unerbittlichen Angriffs",

    ["Flask of Supreme Power"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der obersten Macht",
    ["Supreme Power"] = "Oberste Macht",

    ["Mighty Restoration of Shattrath"] = "M\195\164chtige Wiederherstellung von Shattrath",
    ["Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der m\195\164chtigen Wiederherstellung von Shattrath",

    ["Fortification of Shattrath"] = "St\195\164rkung von Shattrath",
    ["Shattrath Flask of Fortification"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der St\195\164rkung von Shattrath",

    ["Relentless Assault of Shattrath"] = "Unerbittlicher Angriff von Shattrath",
    ["Shattrath Flask of Relentless Assault"] = "Fl\195\164schchen des unerbittlichen Angriffs von Shattrath",

    ["Supreme Power of Shattrath"] = "Oberste Macht von Shattrath",
    ["Shattrath Flask of Supreme Power"] = "Fl\195\164schchen der obersten Macht von Shattrath",

    ["Unstable Flask of the Bandit"] = "Instabiles Fl\195\164schchen des Banditen",
    ["Unstable Flask of the Beast"] = "Instabiles Fl\195\164schchen der Bestie",
    ["Unstable Flask of the Elder"] = "Instabiles Fl\195\164schchen des \195\132ltesten",
    ["Unstable Flask of the Physician"] = "Instabiles Fl\195\164schchen des Heilers",
    ["Unstable Flask of the Soldier"] = "Instabiles Fl\195\164schchen des Soldaten",
    ["Unstable Flask of the Sorcerer"] = "Instabiles Fl\195\164schchen des Zauberhexers",

    -- Battle Elixirs
    ["Fel Strength Elixir"] = "Elixier der Teufelsst\195\164rke",
    ["Onslaught Elixir"] = "Elixier des Ansturms",

    ["Major Strength"] = "Erhebliche St\195\164rke",
    ["Elixir of Major Strength"] = "Elixier der erheblichen St\195\164rke",

    ["Major Agility"] = "Erhebliche Beweglichkeit",
    ["Elixir of Major Agility"] = "Elixier der erheblichen Beweglichkeit",

    ["Elixir of Mastery"] = "Elixier des Meisters",

    ["Major Firepower"] = "Erhebliche Feuermacht",
    ["Elixir of Major Firepower"] = "Elixier der erheblichen Feuermacht",

    ["Major Shadow Power"] = "Erhebliche Schattenmacht",
    ["Elixir of Major Shadow Power"] = "Elixier der erheblichen Schattenmacht",

    ["Major Frost Power"] = "Erhebliche Frostmacht",
    ["Elixir of Major Frost Power"] = "Elixier der erheblichen Frostmacht",

    ["Adept's Elixir"] = "Elixier des Adepten",
    ["Arcane Elixir"] = "Arkanes Elixier",
    ["Greater Arcane Elixir"] = "Gro\195\159es Arkanelixier",
    ["Healing Power"] = "Heilkraft",
    ["Elixir of Healing Power"] = "Elixier der Heilkraft",
    ["Elixir of the Mongoose"] = "Elixier des Mungos",
    ["Elixir of Greater Firepower"] = "Elixier der gro\195\159en Feuermacht",

    -- Guardian Elixirs
    ["Major Armor"] = "Erhebliche R\195\188stung",
    ["Elixir of Major Defense"] = "Elixier der erheblichen Verteidigung",

    ["Greater Armor"] = "\195\156berragende R\195\188stung",
    ["Elixir of Superior Defense"] = "Elixier der \195\188berragenden Verteidigung",

    ["Greater Mana Regeneration"] = "Gro\195\159e Manaregeneration",
    ["Elixir of Major Mageblood"] = "Elixier des erheblichen Magierbluts",

    ["Mana Regeneration"] = "Manaregeneration",
    ["Mageblood Potion"] = "Magierbluttrank",

    ["Earthen Elixir"] = "Erdelixier",
    ["Elixir of Draenic Wisdom"] = "Elixier der draenischen Weisheit",
    ["Elixir of Major Fortitude"] = "Elixier der erheblichen Seelenst\195\164rke",

    ["Elixir of Empowerment"] = "Elixier der Schw\195\164chung",
    ["Empowerment"] = "Schw\195\164chung",

    ["Elixir of Ironskin"] = "Elixier der Eisenhaut",

    -- Other Flasks
    ["Chromatic Resistance"] = "Fl\195\164schchen mit chromatischem Widerstand",
    ["Distilled Wisdom"] = "Fl\195\164schchen mit destillierter Weisheit",

    -- new for 2.2
    ["Flask of Pure Death"] = "Fl\195\164schchen des reinen Todes",
    ["Flask of Blinding Light"] = "Fl\195\164schchen des blendenden Lichts",
    ["Chromatic Wonder"] = "Fl\195\164schchen des chromatischen Wunders",
    } end)

    Hope everything works fine!
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    posted a message on GemList
    Same problem here with the german client.
    Sometimes after a relogg it works although. Weird!
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    posted a message on OneBag not working properly
    Anyone any experience in opening a ticket for Ace 2 addons? Maybe this is a better place to get help?! Otherwise I'll try it later.
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    posted a message on OneBag not working properly
    Okay, as long as this problem isn't solved I need a different addon for that. Has someone an idea for a temporary alternative? I hadn't much success finding one :/

    Edit: alternative very good working addon: http://wow-en.curse-gaming.com/downloads/details/2090/
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    posted a message on OneBag not working properly
    /rl didn't work - which makes sense, because otherwise one could fix it by restarting the game too. My 2nd PC has the same problem now. So I was just lucky when I tried it the first time there.
    As I said what is really wired is, that OneBank works fine - but where is the difference?
    It's really annoying, because I hate the normal bags and OneBag was an ideal addon for that :(
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    posted a message on OneBag not working properly
    Mhm this is funny. I tried it now on a different PC and here it works fine.
    I've absolutley no clue, where the problem is (used 100% the same addons). I'm still very cunfused about this think...
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    posted a message on OneBag not working properly
    I haven't found any tickets or topics about this issue, so I decided to open this topic.
    I've a problem with OneBag. OneBank is working fine, but I can't use and drag/drop Items from OneBag. The frame was kind of grayed out before I reinstalled it and now I can only move the whole frame arround but I have still no access to my items.

    I get no errors and I'm really wondering what this is about, cause as I sad, OneBank is working fine.
    Maybe someone can help me. I'm playing with the german client.
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