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    I understand. Thank you for the clarification. It is frustrating when someone ELSE breaks your stuff and someone blames you for it. Or in my case with hardware when they break their own stuff and get mad at me for it not working. lol Actually here was my post in response ot the nonsense they were posting about Bartender4:

    12. Re: [BUG] Action Bar Buttons Locked (Bartende 10/28/2010 09:04:23 PM PDT
    Actually if you go to the bartender4 site( not curse ) And look into it you will see that Blizzard has done something with their restricted environment again. And the authors of Bartender4 say they see no workaround and that they'll have to wait for the next patch and/or for Blizzard to fix the restricted environment thing. Sry for the bad news but it's not Bartender4's fault. Unless Blizzard comes up with a similar interface to addons similar to this I'll be SORELY dissappointed to have them unusable anymore.

    Just saw a reply from Bartender4's author Nevcairiel in their offical forum thread for Bartender4 and it says:
    " Re: Bartender4 - Official Topic


    Its Blizzards fault, we'll have to wait for some patch to fix it.
    The error has been reported to the people managing that part of the code, so no need to report it here or elsewhere anymore.
    Author/Maintainer of Ace3, Bartender, Mapster, Quartz, HotCandy, and various small and helpful addons
    WoWAce Administrator and AddOn Moderator "

    And there you have it in a nutshell. "

    My user name on Cata beta forums is Jonblikk
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    Hmmm....Well just because someone admits their naiveity about a certian subject does not denote lack of intelligence of all things. I greatly respect the work the addon authors have here but it seems you have the social graces and tact of a bull in a china shop sir. Not all who post here are little kids and wouldn't it have been less derogotory to just say theat such and such addon wans't quite as good as yours and and did things completely differently been more respectfull than calling someone who like your work a moron? And behavior as such from a moderator I find distastefull. Personally I leave the code to fantastic people like you that have a knack for such things while people like me work with computer hardware, assembly, and diagnostics. Without people like me you'd have no computers on which to do the things you do but I don't go rubbing that in someones face and call them idiots or morons because they're not quite sure what's happening with their machines. I apologise for my lack of insight for the internal workings of how code and coding works but would appreciate a bit of respect as I have attempted to show you. Good day sir.
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    Apparently someone in Cataclysm Beta General Discussion forum is saying one action bar addon is still functioning. Here's the post:

    3. Re: [BUG] Action Bar Buttons Locked (Bartende 10/27/2010 09:42:08 PM PDT

    Q u o t e:
    Wait for Bartender to be updated. This is not on Blizzards end :/

    I know it's not helpful, but it's true. :)

    Actually, blizzard changed something...

    Dominos is also effected by this same bug.
    bActionBars seems to be the only working bar addon, currently.

    My worry is that it is "Working as Intended" and we'll be SOL from action bar addons.
    Hopefully, our wonderful action bar addon authors can work around this and keep us masses happy. ;) "

    So maybe if someone could go over that particular addon's code and see how it is pulling it off and still functional under Beta Build 13221 a workaround may be found? Just a thought. I can't write or understand code but maybe something is usefull in the other addon's code that can help?
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