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    I'm having some problems with the infinibar mod. First of all thanks for an awesome mod.

    My problem is that the reagent count doesn't really work. When I put in [reagent] in the text sub for button 15, I get nothing. Despite that putting [key] works just fine, although [key] only works on sub text 2 for some reason.

    Anyways I was thinking maybe the mod doesn't have all the reagents built in so I found a variable in IB_Core.lua that I changed a bit.

    Now it looks like:
    local spellReagents = {
    ["Slow Fall"] = "Light Feather",
    ["Vanish"] = "Flash Powder",

    I added the ["Vanish"] = "Flash Powder", just like it had the Light Feather version. And this still didn't work. Now I'm not sure about what to do to fix this problem.
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    I ran into this same problem yesterday while trying to zone back in while in raid. The whole screen would just freeze and I had to turn the game off from the task manager. I solved it temporarily by telling the raid leader on VT to kick me from the raid and then I could login just fine then he would invite me back.

    I'm still not sure if it was ag_unitframes that caused the problem. But me and several others in our raid had the same problem (all using ag_uf except 1 priest). I'm using grid, ora2, ag_uf, ct_core, ct_barmod, ct_bottombar, ct_mailmod, ct_viewport, KLHThreatMeter, pallypower, swstats.

    I have also deleted the WTF and WDB folders and had a clear addon folder after the patch yesterday to be sure to not run into problems. Still I did. Also, I had the problem with the default blizzard frame appearing as described in a couple of other threads here.
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