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    Ok. This request sounds dumb but is nevertheless dead serious.
    I am in this guild called <Soep> (= soup in Dutch). We are all RL friends and we all have names like Tomato, Vegetable, TomYam etc. etc.
    So what? Well I thought it would be fun to see the following happening:

    Whenever a guildie is in my neighbourhood I would like him to see a pop-up message in his screen with a random recipe for making a soup.
    The shown title would be: Soup of the day.
    If possible add a <print> button to have it printed out (which I doubt is possible) or merely a !Tip message saying you can make a screenshot for later use.
    It should contain a small library of about 25 recipes (which I could easilly change myself later on).
    It should only appear once a day otherwise I won't see an invite for a party or raid in years.
    It should fade out after 5 secs or so.

    Is this possible and who is willing to take this task upon him?
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    posted a message on cyCircled - Circled buttons for more than just BT2
    Hi all,
    Check the image and you'll see my problem. http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p264/C64heckler/WoWScrnShot_122206_221308.jpg

    I can't disable the empty buttons when cyCircled is enabled with Bartender3. I've check all the options in Bartender3 and cyCircled but can't find a solution. Ofc. I could adjust the numbers of buttons on every bar for all my chars but I am convinced there is a better solution than that. Again: this is only happening with cyCircled enabled. When disabled and just running Bartender3 I don't have this problem. Somone told me there should be an option in cyCircled to hide empty buttons but that option is nowhere to be found.

    Thanks for your input.
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