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    I downloaded and setup CY2 last night and I am quite pleased with the addon. I previously used complex macros to do much of what this addon does, but with less desirable results.

    While customizing it I found that I could use this addon to have my Mik's Scrolling Battle Text show me certain notifications from the CY2 addon. So I set it up to show me when a player gained Inspiration and Grace stacks from my disc priest.

    My only question was this. Could you add options to have a certain announce only activate if the aura/buff, ect is on a certain list of players that you input by exact name perhaps? Or by detecting the MT targets if they are set in the default raid UI even. Although Option 1 would be better and offer more variety for others wishing similar usage. No clue if any of this is possible, but if so would be very awesome addition to a great addon!

    To clarify, I would like my MSBT to show me Visuals for when my Main tank targets gain and lose inspiration and grace, but I do not want to know every single player that gets the buffs as I do tend to cross heal a lot on easier content.
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