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    posted a message on X-Perl Thread
    I have a suggestion.

    Since quite a few patches back, we can now see all our targets buffs and debuffs duration in wow normal interface when mousing over the debuff.

    I would like to enable buff and debuff duration counter on target buffs and debuffs.

    Have not found anything about this in addon notes or in the options.

    / X
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    OK, so I found the scripts you told some other people, but I still have some issues with this...

    "/script PallyPower:SavePreset("trash");
    /script PallyPower:LoadPreset("trash");
    /script PallyPower:SavePreset("boss");
    /script PallyPower:LoadPreset("boss");

    It doesn't seem to contain the Aura or Seal assignments.

    Basically, I would like to see a way to quickly go from Dev Aura, Seal of Veng, and Bless Sanc assigned in PP to Conc Aura, Seal of Wis, full Kings assignments.

    Did I miss something?

    Great addon btw - I love it and preach for it to any pally I meat that don't have it.
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    I've tried to read through the 64 pages of posts, but can't say I found this anywhere.

    I regularly do 5-mans random now with my pally. I'm dual-specced Holy/Prot.
    Is there any way I can set up two different assignments profiles and quickly switch between them? Preferrably with a keystroke (macro).

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