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    Thank you Elkano.

    That was it. I set the UpdateScrolling(value) before filling the tooltip.
    Reversed that order, data first, UpdateScrolling(value) later.

    Worked :)

    And I want a value.
    Have a tooltip with my (online) guild members and am in a guild with 900+ members.
    Usually 70 to 100+ members online.
    And I don't want the tooltip to take up a big part of the screen.
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    Thank you for creating libQtip.
    Used it for the first time today and worked like a charm. :)

    Have one question though.

    Am not sure how to use UpdateScrolling(value).

    Tested it with different values like 1 and 10.
    And then I get a scroll bar (though the scroll bar partly covers the last column in the tooltip).

    Also tested it with value 100.
    And then I get no scroll bar.
    And the toolptip I created contains (during the test) about 70 lines with a font size of 10.

    I am confused :confused: :p
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