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    Quote from smtips
    I would just like to know why the copy text or copy to editbox doesn't work or what I can do to fix it. I used Prat for awhile til a couple months ago when I needed to copy text, then found out it does exactly nothing when I try. I dumped it, then got an updated version, which worked for a short time, now again, I click Copy to Editbox or Copy Text and nothing at all happens.

    I'm getting similar things, but it seems to be certain people... unsure of the criteria.

    EG in my guild chat, i can right click my own chat, and "copy to editbox", and it pops up as expected, repeatedly.

    One other persons chat though, i try it on him - nothing happens.

    I originally thought it was the ascii characters in his name, but then it didnt work for someone else - straight up normal name, then it did work for a third person, and still continues to work for myself.

    It's like some people have some kind of copy protection or something :(

    I reset the profile options in the /prat section, and it didn't seem to help.
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