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    Hey, why don't we share favorite Firefox extensions here?
    I use:
    Measure It- A draw out ruler for getting pixel height and width of elements on your screen.
    Adblock- obvious
    Bandwidth Tester- obvious
    Add Bookmark Here- makes bookmark management easier.
    FoxyTunes- control your music from your browser.
    Autocopy- highlighting text autocopies it, like in IRC.
    Colorzilla- eyedropper for your browser to pick up colors.
    DictionarySearch- highlight text and adds a dictinarysearch to your right click dropdown .
    IE View- for when sites are built wrong.
    Forecast Fox- tells me the weather in that bottom bar.
    Download Manager Tweak- This makes the downloading manager open in a tab instead of a window.
    BBCode Xtra- for making things easier in places like this.
    BugMeNot- for reading online newspapers without filling out forms.
    ImageZoom- Right click on an image and mousewheel zoom it in and out.
    Tab Mix Plus- Best tab manager I've seen.
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    Firefox is better than IE in every way. It doesn't surprise me that more who visit here use Firefox since people usuallly are coming here looking for quality over the other mods out there. They know something good when they see it.
    Also, thanks for the tip on using Tab Mix Plus, Rowne. That's a great extension.
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    posted a message on The ongoing classes.
    This stuff is way over my head, but thanks for trying. I guess I'm missing some of the prereqs.
    Seriously though, how do you programmers learn this stuff. I think it's innate ability or something. All my life anytime I've seen a programmming class, it's as if everyone in the class already knows what's going on.
    Don't feel bad or anything, it's really not your fault, and you are doing a great job with instructions, but I was seriously lost from the first sentence.
    I need programming preschool or something, I guess.
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    I've been waiting for this, it's actually one of the ways I found this great forum. I used Wardrobe but hated all things Chronos/Sea. I've been using Timex/Surfer, but surfer was still throwing out a few errors, as stated in the other thread. I'll give this a try.
    By the way, I want to thank all the good developers here. So many of the addons out there are full of bloat, and it's nice to find a place that strives for perfection. I've switched out many of the ones I was using for things found here, and hopefully look forward to more to come.
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