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    posted a message on Ace replacement for AnnouceIt
    Hi there,

    i'm looking for a ace replacement for AnnouceIt.
    Does anyone know a ace2 addon doing the same thing?

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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Hi there,
    sorry for beeing lazy reading the whole thread, but is there a way to see the bank content when you are not at the bank?
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    posted a message on CastYeller - announces to your party/raid important spells you cast.
    Can you please add these german announces for pallys? thx

    	L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    		['Divine Intervention'] = {
    			"<$TARGET> kann uns sp?ter rezzen. Alle sterben!",
    			"Habe <$TARGET> rausgenommen.",
    			"<$TARGET> ist durch g?ttliches Eingreifen gesch?tzt",
    		['Blessing of Protection'] = {
    			"<$TARGET> gesch?tzt durch $SPELL",
    		['Redemption'] = {
    			"Rezze <$TARGET>",
    			"<$TARGET> wird nicht l?nger unter den Toten weilen.",
    			"Liegen geblieben? Rufe 0900/ERL?SUNG! Rezze <$TARGET>",
    			"Schluss mit faul zumliegen <$TARGET>. Weiter gehts.",
    			"Erl?se <$TARGET>",
    			"Belebe <$TARGET> wieder",
    			"Ich hole <$TARGET> von den Toten zur?ck",
    	} end)
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