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    Hello add-on creators, i'm in desperate need of a cursor add-on. When i started playing WoW, i used a tiny 14" screen and had no problems whatsoever. Now i use a 42" screen and finding my cursor mid fight is a p.i.t.a! The current cursor add-on adds flash and pizazz but that is not what i need and besides, it is not working as intended. So here is my idea. It may not be original but i have yet to find anyone working on it. I'm not well enough to teach myself how to create add-ons and make this or i would attempt it if it is possible. Thank you for your time.


    Name: Phat Cursor


    Function: Gives the user the superhuman ability to change the size, shape and colour of their cursors. This includes out of combat, combat, tool-tip and the utility cursor.

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