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    Ok i have a queson.

    Im tryin to get my eepanel2 to resize to my Grid layout as it gains members. I have tried this code

    -- Create a new ace2 addon for hooking
    THIS_Hook = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new("AceHook-2.1")
    -- Create a function to resize the eePanel when the hooked frame is resized
    function THIS_Hook:OnSizeChanged(frame, ...)
    -- Hook to the frame we want to resize against (GridLayoutFrame)
    THIS_Hook:HookScript(GridLayoutFrame, "OnSizeChanged")

    But it hooks to the frame just doesnt resize. Anyone have maybe a sulotion to my problem?
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    posted a message on Mod Request Guild bank donations
    Ok heres what im looking for and not even sure its possible in any way but, I'm looking for a mod that can be used to see who has donated to the guild bank more then others like

    So and so donated x200 netherweave
    Mike donated 0
    Julia donated 2 greens
    Tim donated 1 Blue

    And so on and keep track of all that has been donated to a guild bank. Is this posssible?
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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    [2007/06/16 08:47:00-204-x1]: PitBull-r40222\Layouts\ABF.lua:2119: attempt to index field 'shownTexts' (a nil value)


    Thats the error i seem to be getting is it only becasue of ABF frames... Maybe have to change all frames to ABF even the ones that arent showing?
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