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    posted a message on Dual Spec and "Gear Manager" coming in 3.1 PTR
    SetActiveTalentGroup is sadly a protected function >:(
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    posted a message on Chatter- Ace3 chat mod (was Chatterbox)
    for anybody who wants a quick fix to get chatter working on the ptr just make sure urlcopy module is disabled.

    ChatFrame_MessageEventHandler was changed http://wowcompares.com/0109614/FrameXML/ChatFrame.lua?diff=3099551 so that the chatfilter functions have to return all the argurments it was passed, instead of just the first argument

    Here is what what i think the urlcopy chat filter function should be corrected to
    mod.filterFunc = function(self, event, arg1, ...)
      if not arg1 then return false, arg1, ... end
      for i, v in ipairs(patterns) do
       arg1 = gsub(arg1, v.pattern, v.matchfunc)
      for k,v in pairs(matchTable) do
       arg1 = gsub(arg1, k, v)
       matchTable[k] = nil
      return false, arg1, ...


    They changed what paramters are passed to the chat filter, in the new build
    from (arg1-arg11) to (ChatFrameSelf, event, arg1-arg11)
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    posted a message on Mendwatch 2.4
    Not to steal Wrathmeil thunder, but i also updated mendwatch for 2.4,
    I tryed to get one of the few people who did commits to it recently to commit my update but he didn't really want to, So I just stuck it up on curse http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/11902/.

    as for owner tracking i was working on that recently.
    heres my WIP attempt at it

    When PoM has rapidly jumped between several targets in a short space of time. The spell aura events for it are inconsisent, or not received by the client at all.
    I think the most relible way to tack the owner is to rely on the amount heal since it is mostly fixed except for some modifers, like felarmor and tree of life
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    posted a message on Recount
    Recount is not tracking owner of Prayer of Mending healing.
    You made the same mistake I did when changing mendwatch to work with 2.4,
    switching from spellname to spellID's and only using the spellid that is the inital cast to tracking everything
    when there 3 spells for PoM.

    33076 is the spell that the priest casts.
    41635 is the spell that is the PoM Buff that you get SPELL_AURA_APPLIED and SPELL_AURA_REMOVED for.
    33110 is the spell that does the heal.

    your only checking for 33076 currently
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