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    The idea for this mod comes from the ability of Banknon to remember what you have in your bank and display it when you're not at the bank. I know even though it's against the TOS that I am not the only one who lets a friend play his character, and this is where the mod would be useful. I'll try to explain in a timeline fashion what the mod would do.

    I log off of my character--
    The mod has a record of durability, inventory including amount of gold, faction reputation, position, and a list of characters in the guild.

    A friend tanks an instance for the guild on my warrior--
    Makes 16g from mob drops, increases rep with Sha'Tar, looses durability, leaves 3 green items in the bags, uses 1 earthan elixer, and he logs off outside of Mech.

    Late that night 1 person gquit.

    I log back on the next day--
    A summery screen pops up and says
    +16 Gold found
    1x Item(s) missing from inventory [Earthan Elixer]x1
    3x Item(s) found in inventroy [Random Green] [Random Green] [Random Green]
    Durability changed from 100% to 70%
    Reputation with The Sha'Tar increased from 6090 to 8987
    Character moved from Shattrath City to Vortex Fields

    Any takers?
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    posted a message on FuriousRaid Ideas
    Two things that would make this addon a big hit with my guild.

    1) Players bid by linking what they are upgrading from to the master looter. When FuriousRaid list the bidders and current points it also links the bidders current item. This allows the winner to see what the person below him is currently wearing and feels bad for him. lol.

    2) A way to choose where the bidders list is posted instead of raid chat. Maybe a list box for what channel to post this info to.
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    When loot drops in a raid rather than inspect each person interested in loot it would help to select a slot (ie. Head) then press inspect and get a list of everyone who is inrange and what item they have in that slot. This will help choose who the item will benifet more.
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    I have been using Cartographer since before BC came out. I recently updated it and my world fell apart. The is a Catographer1 addon that I tried, it fixed my problem but caused another one.

    Here is my problem.
    Install Cartographer (including Quest_Objectives, Mining, Herbalism)
    Copy DBs from a backup folder
    No map notes for anything but I do see guildies on it
    Can't find the Quest_Objectives options

    Install Cartographer1 and run the file
    Copy DBs from a backup folder
    I see my Quest_Objectives, Mining, and Herb map notes
    No guildies, no sharing to or from my characters

    Uninstall and clean WTF using wowace updater
    repeat the whole thing over again.

    Is there a package that I can install that actually works? Herb, Mining, Quest_Objectives AND Sharing notes
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