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    Quote from Gunni
    Custom conditions don't work for me.

    I set up some bars with macros to cast spells on certain party mebers. These bars are meant to be shown only when I am in a party. I am using the following line:

    Other lines taken from the examples don't work for me either.

    Any option I missed? Any extra lib I need?

    I'm using Bartender4 4.3.2 on a german client but have the english language package installed so it shouldn't be a localisation issue.

    Edit: Just got it working out of nothing, but just on one bar. Seems like the command line is not always applied properly on clicking the "accept" button.

    Edit2: Second bar now works too. Don't know why. Just switched a few times between the template and my line. Maybe worth looking into.

    Hey, i had the same issue recently. Try to resize the option-window with the mouse when you enter the conditions. It's somewhat boring but works for me perfectly.
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    Quote from Nevcairiel
    You want those bars shown/hidden individually? Or have one bar that switches between those?

    Either way, you can use [help] and [harm]

    So for showing/hiding (on the visibility page)

    Show on friendly targets

    Show on enemys

    or just switch between them (obviously this one goes on state configuration page)


    Huh, not only a gr8 addon but also a prompt support. I'm impressed! :D
    Thanks for the custom conditions. Problem solved!
    (So easy it is: shame on me).

    But have an issue with entering the conditions. I have to increase the size of the option-window. Without that no conditions are shown at all and editing the field is impossible. Maybe a problem with the resolution of the screen (1024*768 )?

    Keep up the gr8 work.
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    First of all: great addon, works fine, i love it.

    But i wonder if you could add an option to show a bar only when a hostile/friendly target is selected?

    For example:
    Bar1 pops up only when you click on a hostile target or when you got aggro.
    Bar2 is only shown on friendly targets.

    Or maybe some code for the custom conditional on a bar?

    Any suggestions would be great.
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