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    Today is the first time using this (came from years of xperl) and love it because it can do raid assist targeting.
    I cant for the life of me get any text to display on the player left health bar. v3.5.1-1g92e36df

    It was working earlier this evening. I installed sUF aura indicators but have since unchecked it from loading.
    I even C+P the text from the Target frame e.g.

    [(()afk() )][( )status:time][( )level][( )colorname]

    to the Player frame left health bar text box and nothing appears. all other text/tags look to be fine. Am I missing something?


    I made a new frame from the text management option and it DOES work. I can obviously go with this for now, not sure how helpful this is. at least I know I am not going crazy :)

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