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    Quote from Phanx
    You've obviously never had a raid leader who ran version checks a dozen times a night and was annoying enough about it that

    That sounds like a raid leader issue, not an addon issue. Having an addon that sends players a tell with their DKP when triggered is useful, but not if the raidleader triggers it before and after every pull. That doesn't mean that there is a problem with making that addon.

    Tools can get abused. The more powerful the tool is, the worse it can be when it is abused. That doesn't mean that we should nerf the tools. It just means that we shouldn't put up with people that abuse it.

    I don't like addons that send tells for me whether I want to or not. I do like addons that intelligently send a tell that I would have otherwise sent manually when I tell the the addon to do it instead.

    As a raid leader, I don't worry about most addons. We have required addons, but we're not going to babysit people who are doing fine and make sure they are running them. ORA, on the other hand, is one where they break my addon if they are running too old a version. Sending them a tell when they have an older version isn't the best solution, but it might be the best one we can get on the developer's time. (My ideal would be a frame that collected incompatible and missing answers between the accounts, and gave me the option to deal with those with a tell either on command or automagically. It's the errors that matter, not the version.)

    My point is don't base what my installed addons can do based on how stupid your raid leader is.
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