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    Hello m8's,

    I've got 3 questions:

    1. I'm trying to get the Faction color to Green for Any Player that is from the/any Alliance Faction or I want to have the color Red when any EnemyPlayer that is from the/any Horde Faction and just white text for non Players, like NPC's etc.

    I am trying to have it like this:
    [if IsPlayer and Faction=("Alliance") then [Faction:Green] or IsPlayer and [Faction:Red] else [Faction] end]

    but then it shows the Faction text from NPC's from Stormwind/Ironforge in Red color. Players From Alliance do get the Green Text Alliance behind "Faction:" in the tip window.

    I actually just want to have green text displayed when someone is from the Alliance, no matter it's a player or npc and else (horde) then Red text is displayed.

    2. I also have a question about the name of the guilds, can it also be like.. if the player is a horde player .. display the guildname in orange .. if the player is an alliance player display the guildname in blue.

    3. I am trying to add more colors to CoWtip to use like Green, White, Black, Blue, Fuchsia.. I wanted to add Orange or something and did it in the Line Text with:
    [Oceanblue(value, "FF6600")] 
    [if [Sex] = "Female" then [Sex:Fuchsia] else [Sex:Oceanblue] end]

    this will unfortunately return "unknown tag value" error.

    Anybody able to help me? I can't seem to get all of it to work whatever I try.. and i'm not that good at this aswell..
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