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    I think the problem is bigwigs is already using the fubar2 plugin .9

    Any chance we could get (temporary?) support for a BW FuBar 1.2 plugin again? Some folks are not upgrading to FuBar2 yet for various reasons.

    I understand people not wanting to upgrade to FuBar 2.0 yet since it is not quite finished, but here's a SVN capture of Fubar 2.0 with the 1.2 compatability mod. All of the FuBar 1.2 mods I use worked just fine and BW2.0 worked perfectly.

    I'm a little confused by this entire discussion. I use FuBar 1.2 with BigWigs 2 and it works great, no issues at all?
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    I scanned through the previous posts and I didn't think I saw this quite mentioned.

    When I set up XRS, it looks great. I have 3 bars. I change the background color and title color. Then I logout. Next time I login, the size of the window has doubled. They don't seem to be empty bars because I can't right click and delete them. Any idea? I can post more info and make a request in flyswatter if you want :)

    @Iceroth: What mod is that you're using to show that info? Thanks!
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    Quote from freedon »

    Or you could follow the boring names of most Ace Addons even though it might not be ace...

    AceRaidFrames? :P

    MyPrettyAceRaidFrames? MPARF!
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    Quote from theondry »

    For the moment, ignoring what memory is or isn't being used, what dependancies are or aren't needed, and which addons do or don't replicate this functionality...

    Add MailTo features (refering to the addon by Vincent2 of Blackhand).

    If Grennon Mail integrated information tracking, along with a display of items sitting in alternate characters' mailboxes, Grennon would be lauded as a hero!  Fanciful dirges would be composed and sung, and flowers would raid down from the sky, as the rivers filled with ash and char.

    Let this be done.

    Doth mine ears deceive me?! Mass sending, mass opening, sent/receved mail tracking (a la maillog), and mail tracking (a la offlinemail)?!

    Let this be done!
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    Quote from Kalamadi »

    To Grennon: Make them work for their interface. >=3

    To others:
    Convert to TGA using your program of choice. If you don't have one, Irfanview is free and awesome.

    Sorry, stupid question time: What's the image intended for?
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    Quote from Kyahx »

    Google is the most amazeing invention in the history of the internet.


    Hope that helps :)


    I wasn't sure if there was something specific to do with the module itself. :) The best suggestion I've seen from the links off Goggle are to use ClearFont in which the README states that I can just make a World of Warcraft\Fonts directory, and rename any font I want to the proper name and it will appear.

    I will test this tonight.

    Thanks for the tip!

    EDIT: included links!
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    Quote from haste »

    Quote from Shifta »

    Hey haste, what font is that in the screenshot on the original post?

    I updated the OP with what font I use, forgot to tell you however :(

    I know this is a silly newb question: how does one make the mod use that font? I downloaded the zip with the font in it, but I haven't done anything with it yet, as I wasn't sure where it needed to go and what needed to be done.

    Also, any estimate on when portraits will be implemented? And will they be animated? I love these unit frames :) Thank you!
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    Quote from Devla »

    I've been using OHUD because its fairly simple and looks a bit different than the standard blah rings. Its not an Ace mod, but if anyone wants to look at it for texture/graphic reference grab it at the OHUD DL Page.

    Sorry for the semi-offtopic question: what unit frames are those, Devla?
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    Any chance someone could put up a small screenshot of WitchHunt in action? I've never had a 'SpellAlert' type module installed and I'm kinda interested to see what it looks like. Thanks!
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