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    In regards to disabling the display of buffs/debuffs, I (with my utterly nonexistent knowledge of programming) found the LUA string that corresponds to how many rows of buffs are shown. If you change the minimum value from "5" to "0", like I have here:

    opts["perRow"] = {
    		type = 'range',
    		name = 'Buffs / row',
    		desc = 'How many buffs/debuffs is shown on each row',
    		get = function()
    			return self.moduleSettings.perRow
    		set = function(v)
    			self.moduleSettings.perRow = v
    		min = 0,
    		max = 20,
    		step = 1,
    		disabled = function()
    			return not self.moduleSettings.enabled
    		order = 36

    Then you'll find that you can set the number of rows to show as "0". Which will hide any and all Buffs/Debuffs. I have no idea if this bugs functionality in other ways, as I haven't tested it extensively. This is entirely a "Try at your own Risk" kind of thing. It's worked for me so far, but who knows. This is just what I found that works, however.
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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but I'd love to see an option for global modification of the colors of the bars. It's rather irritating to constantly have to change the color of the bars for toons that Omen hasn't "seen" before.
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