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    I would like to make a suggestion for a new feature for Big Brother. It is a bit different from what it does now, but I think it might be in the spirit of the mod, plus it may be easy to add if you are reading combat log events now.

    I'd be interested in a boss parry tracker, where I could see a warning every time a boss mob parried a player. Tanks may get legitamitely parried, but melee should not if they are properly behind the boss, and if they are consistently in front of the mob, I might like to know about it.

    I think you can get this info from the 2.4 combatlog. The hard part would be limiting the display to boss mobs, and ignoring when the main tank is parried (although as a healer I may want to know this anyway, any parry hastens the boss's next swing).

    Thought I'd suggest this here. I can write up a mod just for this, but I figured raid leaders interested in checking up on buffs and CC breaks may want to also know about mispositioned melee. Thanks!
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