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    [FONT="Arial"]Excuse me if this has been posted, but I'm in a hurry and wasn't able to read the thread.
    IA, btw, is a godsend.
    Ok, with 3.1.2 I was planning on going Destruction spec for primary raid dps, but one thing that was throwing me off was that IA wasn't able to recognize and function for the cooldowns of both Conflagrate or Chaos Bolt. I even went in and created a custom filter for both spells and yet still nothing. Having functionality for these two spells would once again place IA at the top of my most valued addons.

    Thanks so much and if there is something in the existing addon I could do to attain it I'm all ears.

    Edited: I just read that if its not a buff or debuff, then IA can't help me. So in this case, what recommendations does anyone have for me when I am trying to play Destruction. Btw, I use Dominos + IA normally. Thanks[/FONT]
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    Quick question: which version should i be using now? Release or latest alpha?
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