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    Hello. I've been trying to search everywhere on the internet in the hope that someone could help me with a possibly easy script. I'm rather new in kg panels but i can comprehend commands quite easily.
    What im looking for is how can i enable to show a pannel when im in raid and ofcourse hide it when out of it.
    I have to say i have digged out this:
    Adjusting Panels based on Raid or 5 Main party

    In each Panel set the OnLoad script


    Then in each Panel OnEvent script:

    local pmems = GetNumPartyMembers()
    local rmems = GetNumRaidMembers()
    if (pmems < 1 and rmems < 1) or (pmems > 0 and pmems < 6 and rmems < 6) then

    But it doesnt seem to work. If its related to Parenting how exactly i do that, and if its of any relevance the raid frames im using are X-perl ones.
    Much appreciate if anyone could help and sorry if this has been posted previously.
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