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    Hey Nev,

    I want to have 3 distinct set-ups for my pally. 1 for her tank spec, 1 for her ret spec, and 1 for pvp. Her original profile is set up for tank and ret. When I create a new profile and set it up for pvp, then go back into her original profile, the buttons are changed to pvp in her ret configuration. If I change those around back to ret and I go to her pvp profile, the buttons are changed again back to ret. What am I doing wrong? or is it that I can't have 3 separate spec arrangements for one toon? I have also installed Bartender Dual Spec and that doesn't seem to do anything extra.

    Thanks a lot for making this mod and maintaining it so well. Me (and countless others) have really enjoyed it.

    Jilt of Nesingwary
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