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    Hi, I'm having trouble with Squeenix saving its "hide clock" setting between logins. I like to use GuildCalendar and use the Fubar plugin for it (CalendarFu) and so I turn the time off in GuildCalendar (/calendar clock off) and turn the day-time off on Squeenix since it's still sitting there (/squeenix hide time).

    I'm just curious if this is an issue with GuildCalendar re-establishing the daytime icon after squeenix loads.
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    Hi, PitBull is pretty cool and I like using Niagara to configure it. However, it takes a VERY long time to configure PitBull the way that I like it (similar to the ABF ag_UnitFrames, but with a few tweaks) and there are a few weird things I wanted to comment on.

    The first oddity is that there is no option for the auras to behave similar to the stock UI (ie all auras appear in one series location, mixed together) which seems like it would be a good thing to have in certain situations.

    Secondly, the "Fallback" entry under Portraits was empty; is this an upcoming feature?

    Third, to address how long it takes to setup Pitbull in an overall scheme, maybe it would be a good feature to add (in addition to the existing profile "copy-from" or replacing it) would be a "Scheme" or "Profile" that you can name yourself (ie I type in "Kunikos" and click save) and Save/Load on any character on any realm. I see the same feature in eCastingBar (eCB), so if you need a reference for how to go about it that might be a good place to start. I also think that if such a feature were provided then the Pitbull community could create and then save their favorite configurations and then share them for ckknight to optionally include in the mainline distribution to quickly help newbies to the mod to get up and running (and also see what things Pitbull can do very quickly!).

    Fourth, is there any way to force a save of the configuration to the disk prior to logging out of WoW? The game crashed on me when I tried to use Niagara to configure ClearFont2 after setting up Pitbull for about two hours, and I lost my entire configuration for Pitbull. :(
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