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    Quote from Kemayo »

    Also, location is no longer tracked.  It seems like the most fragile piece of information on there.

    One thing I actually liked with FriendsFacts (the non-Cosmos, icky embedded Seahooks one) was its recording of last-friend-location. Didn't work too well (only really updated location when you did a "who"), but it was better than nothing.

    If it causes massive problems in Auld, fine, but if it doesn't, would be nice to see it back in this. Ideally as a switchable option so that people who don't want to see that data don't have to.
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    Quote from Aileen »

    The latest AceLoot out of SVN is having issues for me:

    1. The loot window is no longer repositioned at all.
    2. The command "/aceloot mode" gives the error "Ace\AceChatCmd.lua:156: attempt to call field `?' (a nil value)"

    AceLoot SVN a./R6 Revision: 1211 (files dated April 30/06 3:22PM) was giving both the identical problems here as above with the identical error message. Mode could not be changed, of course.

    Next tried the later AceLoot SVN (files dated May 1/06 7:32PM, no revision listed) with the integrated StayWithinTheLines (file dated April 30/06 3:45 PM). Again, the same error message under the same circumstances as #2 above. Did not try looting to check window position; went back to the release R6 version after this.
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    Quote from haste »

    Well, then maybe otravi_CastingBar is something for you. It's not done yet, but it might help you.

    Gave the latest SVN a try just now (April 28/06 file dates). Very, very nice initial work. Very low memory use (65kb) & load time (0.021 s).

    Ran into a few bugs, though. As I can't find this listed in the "Ace AddOn Collection" forum, will list the problems here.

    Type in "/ocb bar border" (to toggle the border on and off) and I get the following chat feedback message: "IOU". Nothing changes.

    Type in "/ocb bar height" (to adjust the height) and the following error message is returned: "...otravi_CastingBar.lua:372:attempt to compare nil with number".

    Type in "/ocb bar width" (to adjust the width) and the following error message is returned: "...otravi_CastingBar.lua:355:attempt to compare nil with number".

    Best of luck in development of this. Small suggestions: when you get the width, height (& font size) options working, put in a README or the like some indication of what the units to change are (pixels? millimeters? real font size?). As well as what the default unit amounts are. Plus a command to quickly reset all size changes a user makes back to the default. Thanks and good luck again.
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    Well, had plenty of (spiked) coffee this morning and took the plunge.

    Got rid of Cosmos's Khaos, Sea & Earth mods (libraries, etc.; I never had Sky enabled)). Got rid of Archaeologist (after swallowing hard). Got rid of the 2 or 3 other unimportant mods was using that were dependent on Sea (WhoTip, Modifier2Sell, Notepad).

    The result:
    My logon time (measured with Warmup) was reduced from an average of 60 seconds before to 28 seconds now (5 tests).

    After getting up off the floor after fainting, I wondered why the &*^$ I didn't get with the kill-bloat program earlier in my WoW life. Man, what a difference.

    Anyway, for other things, gave a trial to Mr. OnUpdate AceCastingTime. The last version 3.1 doesn't work in the current WoW. An earlier version I tried that uses Timex (2.5) doesn't work either. So gave about the only other *basic* casting bar timer I could find a go: "CastingBarTime", circa June 2005 (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=1646). Works just fine. 9kb & 0.023sec at logon vs. 98kb & 0.068 sec for CastTime (out of Cosmos). But it doesn't apply the timer to the "mirror" bars like underwater breath as CastTime does. And it also calls OnUpdate (as does CastTime).

    eCastingBar appears to be the antithesis of what I'm looking for--mods that will reduce the grotesque, mushy bloat here. So that is a no-go. Looks like "CastingBarTime" is the ticket here. At least until someone writes a working Ace cast timer that uses Metrognome instead of OnUpdate. (looks at his calender...thinks about the time it will take to learn how to code a UI mod with Ace both bug free & efficiently...remembers his HTML training from long ago........)

    For frame mobility, I was not impressed with the number of bugs/problems I saw with KC_Mobility on the forum here. So looked for something else. Found DragQueen (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=3562). Works very well moving most/all frames I've tried it on. And does not lag me out the wazoo as moving frames with MobileFrames often did. MobileFrames: 607kb & 0.091 sec to load vs. 128kb & 0.040 sec to load for DragQueen.

    DragQueen does not, however, retain memory of locations you drag frames to, with the exception of the casting frame. Which is more than good enough here. The UI freezing solid for 20 seconds after moving a frame with MobileFrames was getting...old.

    Also gave Bongos a try. Agggggghhhhhhh. At logon, it completely eliminated the default Blizzard bars on the bottom of the screen by default, without asking. Something that rubs me the wrong way. And it appears you don't have a choice with Bongos--you use either it or the Blizzard bars (no way to enable the Blizzard bars after Bongos has loaded).

    So that is a no-go. All I'm looking for is a couple (or a few) extra bars that can be used in conjunction with all the default Blizzard bars---and do not duplicate the icon spaces of the Blizzard bars. Still looking...

    Up next to go are the CT mods. I have gotten far too used to the look and format of "CT_Buffmod". But will have to suck it up like before (& spike some more coffee) and decide to live without.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.
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    Quote from OttoDeFe »

    Some suggestions:

    Casting Time : http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4480 (AceCastingTime by Orione}

    Range: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4166 (Red Range by Iriel)

    Mobility: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4187 (KC Mobilty by Kaelten)

    I Used to use Ace Casting (moved to ArcHUD), still use Red Range and KC Mobility I used quite a while ago. I use Visor and there's a script in the Visor thread to add the bindings to the Visor buttons, but I'm sure someone could suggest something better. Visor will grab and move Frames, reparent, scale, make them sit up and sing, etc. You won't add the Visor buttons w/o getting Visor Buttons, now a separate addon.

    CardBars here and Bongos at WOWI both get pretty good reviews here as well.

    Thanks a bunch for the suggestions. Have seen KC_Mobility on the SVN, but haven't looked into it yet. Will look into it now.

    AceCastingTime, on the other hand...

    The author decided in his latest version of that to dump Timex and instead call the dreaded OnUpdate 10 times a second.

    So still looking for a decent cast timer replacement. Guess I'll have to try to convince Orione to move back to Timex or instead use Tekkub's new Metrognome ;). Or continue to use CastTime, since it is stand-alone.
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    After dealing with Cosmos & CT_mod since I started WoW, have finally decided to get rid of them in the interest of reducing out of control bloat.

    Am an old computer guy (started with a TI 99/4A in the early 80's), so efficient code has always been a concern to me. With the discovery & use of Tekkub's Warmup, the shock I experienced seeing what some mods use in memory & load time compared to others was significant.

    Have done a lot of study and have found many attractive, usable Ace (and other) alternatives to many things. But have yet to find alternatives to some essential mods here.

    So would like some recommendations--Ace or otherwise--for slim, efficient nods that do all or most of what I list below. All of those listed are updated through either Cosmos or CT to work properly in WoW 1.10.x.

    --Archaeologist (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=552). Allows both percentage and number health/mana/rage/etc. amounts on the default Blizzard frames. As well as better handling of buffs/debuffs on those frames. Have yet to find an alternative to this, other than totally replacing the Blizzard frames with something like WatchDog. Something I'd really prefer not to do.

    --MobileFrames (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=408). Makes virtually any UI frame movable.

    --CastTime (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=632). My favorite (so far) cast timer, but if there is an updated Ace alternative to this, great.

    --FriendsFacts (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=480). Remembers information like class, level & location of people and displays it on the Friends list.

    From CT_ (http://www.ctmod.net):

    --"Out of Range indicator" (in CT_MasterMod). Colors the default Blizzard (and CT_BarMod) buttons either red or grey when you are out of range).

    --"Show Hotkeys" (in CT_MasterMod). Allows what keybinds you have bound for buttons on the Blizzard & CT_ bars to be seen right on the bars.

    --CT_PlayerNotes. Puts a little icon to the right of each person in your friends--or ignore--lists that when activates, allows you to write in a comment ("This guy enchants...." and so on).

    --And some decent Ace alternative to CT_BarMod would be cool. All I use it for is to add one or two extra bars (maximum) to the default Blizzard bars. But those extra bars are essential. Is Visor really a compact alternative if someone only wants a couple of extra bars (that work _without_ duplicating the buttons on the existing Blizzard bars)? Would also prefer bars that play nicely with other mods (like cooldown count timers, etc.).

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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