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    Quote from Nathanyel
    This. It's also not completely unusable...

    I don't know what you consider "completely unusable", but it certainly is in any realistic sense ;).

    Do a search/filter for recipe or mat names and only a single result is ever shown. Making the search useless. Searching for recipes by name or material components is what made this mod unique and that's totally unusable now. Tons of errors are thrown at logon and otherwise as well, filling up !BugGrabber.

    One other feature this had (I forgot about originally) that may have a decent updated replacement, though. Creation value & sell value of recipes shown in the Blizzard tradeskill frame, using Auctioneer (& other auction mod) data. The updated LilSparky'sWorkshop provides similar functionality.

    So here's still hoping some author is interested enough in TradeskillInfo to update. Nothing else out there provides the in-game tradeskill recipe/mat searching & linking functionality this did.
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    Have found this mod very useful. It needs updating for WoW 4.0 (this/self, arg1/2, etc.).
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    Yah, but most of that (except notes) was not in NRT either; only HeadCount. Made no difference here, but others may miss HeadCount's features.

    As to "editing who got an item, adding items, adding cost", you can edit notes with sRT. As to NRT, I did the basic replacement of this with self in the last r141. Afterwards, it does not bug out anymore on load or accessing saved data. As to whether its fully functional in raids, still to be determined (have yet to raid in 4.x...heh).
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    Holy necro, Batman.

    Well, TradeskillInfo has completely 'sploded in WoW 4.x. It not a simple "this"/"self" issue either; it throws up scores of different errors and is totally unusable.

    Here's hoping there is someone other than me is interested in this mod for updating for 4.x. There is nothing else like it that provides its all its functionality--unique quick in-game lookup and linking of every profession recipe in the game (extremely useful), coloration of known/unknown recipes in the AH and so on.

    Well, the not-updated TradeTrak mod also provided a database of profession recipes, but it was poorly implemented. Every time you did a search, you computer would lockup for an extended time while it searched its giant database. TradeskillInfo did it differently & better, causing no lockups.

    So here's hoping someone is interested in making TradeskillInfo operational again in WoW 4.x
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    Quote from tennberg
    While I am unsure how many current mods still rely on Ace2, I know that two mods I still use do - AtlasLoot and ElkBuffBars. I know Elkano said he/she will be getting an updated 4.0.1 version out. Whether or not it will still use Ace2 remains to be seen.

    After my post to you in the other (now locked) thread, did some more research. AceComm-2.0's bugout is almost certainly an issue completely with it...when other Ace2 libraries are being used by other mods. Thanks to how the libraries interact with each other.

    I have the complete Ace2 loading disembedded. Logged on with it alone, no errors. So then did a full text search of all the mods I have (among the thousands of folders I have here) to find ones that made reference to AceComm-2.0. None of the mods I had loading at patch day used it. Yet the library bugs out on load.

    So then just deleted AceComm-2.0 (lua & xml) from its disembedded folder. Log on again with the same mod load, no further AceComm-2.0 errors. Ever so far with AtlasLoot or otherwise.

    Also check the following list. They are Lich King-era (or newer) mods that make reference to the buggy AceComm-2.0. Whether or not they actually use it; searching for "Comm" in all mods and referencing it to that library is something I'll save until I'm retired.

    One mod updated for WoW 4.0 that still references that buggy library directly:
    --FuBar_QuestsFu (lots of alternatives to this, including Kemayo's own Ace3 BetterQuest which I use)

    Lich King/3.x-era mods that reference it (many/most of which are dead in WoW 4.0):
    --TooltipExchange (has been dead for many months and isn't being updated; LootLink is the single updated, working alternative for 4.x. Ludwig & Elkano's ItemDB have yet to be updated).
    --Scorchio! (the updated Ace3 Scorchio! 2 has replaced this)

    Likely others as well (I skipped the ones with BC-era TOCs). But that's it among several thousand mod folders here. As mentioned by Elkano & others, ElkBuffBars & AtlasLoot and do not reference (or use) the library.

    So if you have AceComm-2.0 placed somewhere either embedded or disembedded, just delete it. And find alternative mods if one you are using (that's been updated for WoW 4.x) actually uses it. As well eventally finding alternative mods that do not use Ace2 at all.
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    I far preferred the earlier mentioned GuildCheck to GuildLog. Despite it not receiving updates since May '09 to fix the ongoing patch-change issues that have arisen. Such as occasionally showing everyone in the guild having left at logon (requiring a restoration of a saved variables backup), among other things. To each their own I guess.

    Now in WoW 4.x, GuildCheck is completely broken, with the LibGuild-1.0 library bugging out on load (among other things). So here's hoping someone is interested in ressurecting either that mod or GuildLog for 4.0.
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    posted a message on Ace2 error in 4.0.1
    A couple preliminary things here about the error, besides the inevitable Ace2 is dead.

    That error in the parent post fires 100% of the time if you have (the last r1101) Ace2 loading disembedded in WoW 4.0.1 live. Still researching to find out what mod--if anything--the error is connected to. Or if its just a plain bugout in AceComm-2.0.

    AtlasLoot Enhanced itself does not use Ace2 much, its pretty much Ace3. With the annoying exception of Dewdrop, which requires AceLibrary (from Ace2). Even so, it does not use AceComm-2.0.

    Its AtlasLootFu module uses more Ace2 libraries than Dewdrop does, however. But still no AceComm-2.0. And you don't need that module active, AtlasLoot also includes a built-in LDB feed.
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    posted a message on Importing Notes from Cartographer_Notes into another addon like HandyNotes
    Quote from kaimon
    So Zidomo, please post the import tool version that received your last drum rolls. The final version that got everything right for you.

    Sorry man, stopped following this thread some time ago...heh.

    Below is the final version of import.lua I used (dated 7-24-2010), included in the Cart2HandyNotesperfecto.zip file attached to this post. Hopefully can still load Cartographer temporarily in WoW 4.0 to allow the note import.

    Full credit again to OrionShock for making this increasingly esoteric niche need possible.

    Quote from Xinhuan
    I'm going to go on a wild limb and say that 90% of the notes in Azeroth and Kalimdor are going to be obsolete once Cataclysm hits. Depending on how Astrolabe is updated for Cataclysm and whether it takes into account terrain phasing...
    Let's just say its currently unknown whether a new version of the addon for Cataclysm will be compatible.

    Could kagaro's new LibMapData-1.0 eventually be an adequate replacement for Astrolabe (if that's not updated), after HandyNote modifications to accomodate?
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    NRT may or may not still work in 4.0; it was the most reliable of raid tracking mods like this in 3.x. HeadCount's unreliability in recording made it a no-go here after testing the last few versions.

    But if NRT does not still work, sRT looks like a good, actively developed 4.0 replacement. The author took the NRT base and converted it to use Ace3 instead of Ace2, etc.. Uses a LDB display & tooltip instead of FuBar and so on.

    Its still missing a number of features of NRT. But the author seems to be actively adding them. In the single raid trial of it here in WoW 3.x, it worked without errors and accurately recorded both the all the loot drops and attendance on all bosses through the first 7 in ICC25.
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    Quote from Kerecha
    From the looks of it that ability is just gone unless theres some other way to do it.

    Bison seems to be the single updated buff mod out now that actually allows right-click canceling. With the new SecureAuraHeader, etc., seems to be a giant line in the sand between mods "that can allow filtering and sorting" and ones that can allow right-click-canceling of buffs. Although that mod does provide rudimentary sorting as well somehow.

    Might be an option to provide two different versions of EBB (or whatever you will call it) to accommodate both things depending on what a person values most. I (and others I'm sure) would be satisfied with an EBB-style mod (buffs/debuffs in bar form) that allows right-click-canceling, but having to do without the filtering, etc. that allowing that entails.

    Macroing every single buff you want to remove in certain circumstances on every single character (to get around the right-click-canceling problem on mods that allow filtering) is non-viable for some people. Others may really want the filtering instead.
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    Quote from schizo
    Try Raven...As far as I know, it is THE only working full-featured buff bar addon for 4.x.

    "Full-featured" is an understatement. Its not really a direct replacement for EBB, Simple Buff Bars (what I replaced EBB with long ago, but is also now dead in WoW 4.x) or any other simple replacement for the Blizzard buff/debuff frame.

    Raven adds all sorts of things: spell cooldown tracking, target debuff tracking, missing buff alerts and on and on. Fine if you need them, not so fine if you are using other mods to handle them.

    So still missing a basic buff/debuff bar Blizzard replacement like EBB or SimpleBB. Bison was recently resurrected unexpectedly after 2 years for 4.x, but it replaces the Blizzard frame with buttons, not bars. Shadowed appears to be retired from mod development for 4.x, so no updates to SimpleBB. Here's hoping Elkano is still around and interested in updating.
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    Have you considered making the "LibInstanceLootData-1.0" thing this uses into a real library with a separate public repository? Or instead, just change the 2 files current extract path from a unique path location to to the root folder? As in removing the "LibInstanceLootData_data-1.0" references from data.lua & lib.lua and just making them mod-specific files. As AtlasLoot and some others do it with their built-in databases.

    As it is, there doesn't seem to be a point to having those two files packaged as a library (with different path outputs). Other devs can't access it/them easily if they want to use those files in their mods (as a library). As well as it being a hassle to users/testers who normally run libraries disembedded. Does it make data mining runs easier or something as they are?
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    Quote from myrroddin
    OK, yes, there has been a massive improvement with Beta 2.2 (it now sees all res casts, not just LibResComm-1.0) but really, does it need to check other players' versions? I think not.

    Then what's up with r160/Beta 2.3 three days after your above post? "Added version checking" + a "LibVersionCheck-1.0" library added. The addons for Grid, Grid2, SUF & so on implementing LibResComm don't have version checks, among the other points brought up before. So why does this need it?

    May or not check the additional resource usage of this when the disable option is turned on. At this point, though, not really interested in using/testing this.
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    posted a message on check if party/raid member has addon
    With the possible exception of boss mods (and those are still debatable for some), there is not really a valid reason for any other type of mod to clog up the addon channel with "version checks" or "update announcements" (especially the second one). They are intrusive, resource-consuming and provide little benefit to the user. Beyond again boss mods, debatably.

    If you do want for whatever reason to spend time adding this feature, be sure to give options to completely disable it. And kill it. Then bury it. Under spray cheese.
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Routes is currently bugging out when using HandyNotes as a data source.

    Have not used the mod since long before HandyNotes was last updated, so may be related to one of its updates. Routes v1.2.8a-4-ga72021e, HandyNotes v1.1.5, GatherMate r691, Ace3 r965 (disembedded).

    1. Load the mod options panel by typing /routes (no prior saved variables present).
    2. Click the Add button (first error below occurs then).
    3. Then uncheck "HandyNotes" in the Select Sources of Data section (GatherMate is the other data source available here; it has no issues with Routes).
    4. Close the options box. Reopen it and recheck "HandyNotes" in the area above (second error below occurs then).

    [FONT=monospace][FONT=verdana]After doing steps 1. & 2. above:

    ["message"] = "Routes-v1.2.8a-4-ga72021e\\Plugins\\HandyNotes.lua:41: table index is nil\nRoutes-v1.2.8a-4-ga72021e\\Routes.lua:2132: in function `member'\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:251: in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:199>\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1191: in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:1051>\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1538: in function `FeedGroup'\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1463: in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:1443>\n(tail call): ?:\n<in C code>: ?\n<string>:\"safecall Dispatcher[3]\":9: in function <[string \"safecall Dispatcher[3]\"]:5>\n(tail call): ?:\nAceGUI-3.0-33 (Ace3):314: in function `Fire'\n...ce3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:473: in function `SetSelected':\n...ce3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:192: in function <...ce3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:188>:\n\n  ---",
                ["type"] = "error",
                ["session"] = 732,
                ["counter"] = 1,
            }, -- [221]
    After doing steps 3. & 4. above:
    ["message"] = {
                    "Routes-v1.2.8a-4-ga72021e\\Plugins\\HandyNotes.lua:41: table index is nil\nRoutes-v1.2.8a-4-ga72021e\\Routes.lua:2132: in function `member'\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:251: in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:199>\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1191: in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:1051>\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1538: in function `FeedGroup'\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1463: in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:1443>\n(tail call): ?:\n<in C code>: ?\n<string>:\"safecall Dispatcher[3]\":9: in function <[string \"safecall Dispatcher[3]\"]:5>\n(tail call): ?:\nAceGUI-3.0-33 (Ace3):314: in function `Fire'\n...ce3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:486: in function `Select':\n...ce3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:494: in function `SelectByValue':\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1638: in function `FeedGroup'\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:1814: in function `Open'\nAceConfigDialog-3.0-49:862: ", -- [1]
                    "in function <...nfig-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0\\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:854>\n(tail call): ?:\n<in C code>: ?\n<string>:\"safecall Dispatcher[3]\":9: in function <[string \"safecall Dispatcher[3]\"]:5>\n(tail call): ?:\nAceGUI-3.0-33 (Ace3):314: in function `Fire'\n...ns\\Ace3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIWidget-CheckBox.lua:68: in function <...ns\\Ace3\\AceGUI-3.0\\widgets\\AceGUIWidget-CheckBox.lua:57>:\n\n  ---", -- [2]
                ["type"] = "error",
                ["session"] = 732,
                ["counter"] = 1,
            }, -- [222]
    There were for sure no invalid HandyNotes present in the zones these errors occurred on; they occurred in 4 different zones tried. No problems after either deleting the HandyNotes.lua Routes module or commenting it out in the TOC. And no problems using GatherMate alone as the data source[FONT=monospace].
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