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    I would like to make the transition to Big Wigs, but I am having critically important problems that I do not have the luxury of working through during LK attempts. Maybe experienced users can answer these questions:

    1. Sounds are going to be critically important for me... I am a healer and therefore can get tunnel vision. The sound that requires me to move out of fire, or other warning sounds that require immediate movement because I have a spell being cast on me or a proximity explosion or WHATEVER that requires me to MOVE RIGHT NOW... in DBM usually the drums or the "Run Away Little Girl" sound......... Which one is it in Big Wigs? Is it Alarm, Alert, Info, or Long?!
    This sound must be consistent and easily identifiable to me.

    2. Ok the test is worthless, because it just uses random spells I cast. That doesn't tell me WHICH sound is associated with the "move right now" sound. Is there any way of getting a serious test of Big Wigs settings externally to a raid situation?

    3. Now the whole color scheme... What is considered important? Is Defile "Important"? Is Defile when it's cast on me "Personal"? Which color controls the "move right now or you will die" scenario? Is there any way of turning on a feature in the Big Wigs Encounters to know when, for example, I'm changing the Conjured Empowered Flame in Blood Prince Council if that's considered Important, Personal, Urgent, or Attention. I mean... wtf is the difference between Important or Urgent or Attention?? Besides that they are roughly synonyms...
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