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    Quote from Nymbia »

    Just tested, and this is indeed an issue with upgrading library instances. Those of you with WAU using externals:

    - Set the option 'SkipVersionCheck' to true and update all your addons, this should get rid of all old versions of AceEvent.
    - Make sure that any Ace addons you have that aren't updated through WAU get the new libraries as well.

    Those of you with another updater using externals:

    - Copy the new version of AceEvent in place of old ones (for windows users, you should be able to simply replace it in only the alphabetically first addon that contains AceEvent, mac and linux users may need to replace more.)

    PS: There's a very helpful error that is triggered that someone in this thread should have posted very early on. ;p

    that worked for me, thank you very much
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    I cant seem to find the option to make new text/msg's appear from top to bottom rather than bottom to top.

    I swear it used to have this option, am I just missing it?
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    anyone found the source of this problem? I too have noticed since I updated yesterday SCL wont work.

    Something else interesting I noticed. Not only will the combat log not work, but menu commands wont either.

    For example if you use command /help to bring up blizzards help commands everything is fine and it lists the commands to use.

    But if you try to bring up the text menu of addons it wont work. For example if you tried doing /ebb for elk buffbar no menu text comes up in any of the chat windows, but you dont get the usually "that is not a valid command" text .
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