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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    There used to be a mod called "ClassChannels". It's not been updated since about April 07. It added several raid focused channels that most guilds manually but making it automatic. And it used the raid channel to send these msgs on. Here are the channels that got set up.

    /dr or /druids
    /hu or /hunters
    /ma or /mages
    /pa or /paladins
    /pr or /priests
    /ro or /rogues
    /sm or /shamans
    /wl or /warlocks
    /wr or /warriors

    there was also role based channels consisting of several classes.

    /he or /healers - Druids, Paladins, Priests, Shamans
    /ca or /casters - Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Shamans, Warlocks
    /dps - Hunters, Mages, Rogues, Warlocks, Warriors

    Only channels that match your character class are visible by default, but you can enable others

    would this be hard to do as a Prat module?

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    posted a message on In game guildchannel prefix clearinghouse/info question.
    Hi guys,

    Is there a resource anywhere that can tell me what mod use which prefix for the guildchannel? We've noticed that some players gets lagged out, and looking at Recount which provides network statistics for each player something with the prefix of 3T seems to always top the list.

    I know this isn't a typical raid addon, but more of a raid issue. please feel free to delete this or move it to a better suited spot.

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    posted a message on To make grouping for raids much simpler
    sounds exactly like what phpraid and the newer phpraider do.
    Comes with in game support via phpraidviewer

    As I remember Kyle (SpiffyJr) came on here about a year ago and asked if anyone wanted to help out with the in-game module, coding it for ace2 but nobody showed any interest. YMMW
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    posted a message on Recount
    Quote from Mrs. Steele »

    Perfectly understandable just wanted to make sure the suggestion was out there. I'm sincerely looking forward to when the threat portion of Recount is reliable enough that I can uninstall KTM. Keep up the excellent job! It is much appreciated.

    Checkout Omen, I think you will be pleased. :)
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    DKPmon_FCZS - rev 31900
    DKPmon_ZSumAuction - rev 31901

    Broken, "OR" needs to be "or" in 3 files

    DKPmon_FCZS\fczs.lua, line 422
    DKPmon_ZSumAuction\zsumauction.lua, line 523
    DKPmon_ZSumAuction\zsumsauction.lua, line 534

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