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    posted a message on QuestHelper Freesez WoW
    Good day guys and gals,

    Since the last twee weeks, QuestHelper is freezing up my WoW whenever my mouse curser hovers close to a quest items or any NPC that have anything to with a quest, my whole games freezes up for a period of roughly 35/40secs.

    As you can understand this is kind of behavior is quite annoying, especially if I need to gather 30 odd objects for a quest. Or slay 10/20/30 species of whatevers. It makes the game uplayable.

    Actions take thus far was removal of all add-ons, WoW Repair, add-ons again installed one by one to see which one was giving the issue. ALL Addons removed EXCEPCT for QuestHelper and VOILA! QuestHelper was indeed the culprit. As soon as QH is removed, gameplay returns to normal. Latest QH version installed. WoW is all patched and updated.

    Please advise.

    Kind Regards
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