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    Hi :)

    I have a problem :S
    In my addon i use the function "CreateFrame()" to create some
    buttons and frames
    It is a chat addon and one frame and one button are dedicated to each
    So far no problems.

    But when i close the button/frame, (When i'm finshed taking to a person),
    is there any posibility to remove the frame and button i have created for this person ??

    a person named "Dan"
    I create some variables for Dan:
    WE2.index["Dan"] = {
    tab = "danTab",
    frame = "danFrame",};

    Then i create the frame/button:
    CreateFrame("ScrollingMessageFrame", "danFrame", nil, "WE2_chatFrame")
    CreateFrame("Button", "danTab", nil, "WE2_Tab")

    When i'm done talking with "Dan" i remove his variables and frame/button
    WE2.index["Dan"] = nil;

    !!and here comes the problem!!

    now i only know how to hide the frames and buttons i've made.
    I need to remove them, so it can be possible to create them again.

    is there any way to remove the frame/Button ??? plz help

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