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    Have been using Bartender since Jan 09, love the addon. Have been seeing a few things as of 3.3 that I have been attributing to Bartender, as I am not sure what else it could be. I only run one addon for action bars, Bartender, and no macro addons.

    All of my abilities are macro'd to some extent and hot keyed. I play a DK and regularly respec and swap specs.

    Has anyone seen the following:
    • Upon login random buttons appear hidden, but re-appear after /reloadui
    • When swapping from Unholy spec to Blood spec, Heart Strike is set to lvl 1. Opening macros, placing the cursor in the text window and selecting a new macro resets the macro to default appropriately to its max lvl
    • When swapping from any spec to Unholy, Scourge Strike is set to lvl 1, but jumping into macro's and performing the previous steps resets the ability to its max lvl
    • When in an encounter, no lag appearing to be an issue, abilities seem to stutter and not "fire"

    Macro's referenced above (I have also tried flipping the rune strike/other ability as that was a suggestion from another thread, but has not made a difference)

    /Cast !Rune Strike
    /Cast Heart Strike

    /Cast !Rune Strike
    /Cast Scourge Strike
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