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    i have Beta 9 installed. i went from version 3.* to 4.0.0 beta 9.

    never installed an alpha.

    Edit: recreated the group and seems to be working fine now.... weird.

    Edit2: as soon as i entered combat the frame went away then when i left combat the new raid frame came back and the exact same thing i had before showed up ON TOP of the one i redid even though i deleted the old one. here's a screenshot:


    EDIT 3: after restarting WoW again it seems to be working fine.
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    so i added a new frame and called it raid. set it to the Raid units and made a layout called Raid to to set the settings. (pretty straight forward)

    BUT, i only seem to be able to see people who have Pets. hunters, locks and unholy DKs. everyone else is NOT showing up in my raid.

    if i set my Config Mode to Raid 10 or Raid 25 then i can see the whole raid in config mode but when i turn config mode off it goes right back to only showing people who have pets. even though i have raid pets turned off.

    i've triple checked all settings and can't seem to figure out what I did wrong.

    any thoughts?

    screenshot to show what i mean:
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