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    I've got a small feature request.
    Prat can already push messages containing your name to MSBT, and MSBT will show the text in the Notification area.

    Can there (pretty please) be a setting in the PopupMessage module to send all chat from a set of configurable channels to MSBT?
    When I was playing Warhammer, I was using a mod called "Chatter" that did just that, and it was *heaven* for making a micro-UI, and I've been able to create a kludgy workaround by setting 'local show = true' in the CheckText module inside PopupMessage.lua, but that has two small drawbacks, and one large one.
    * All chat from the tab shows up (No, you can't repay me on Tuesday, Topper McNabb!) - in order to not see it, I have to filter it away to another tab. That's fine for Achievement messages and Loot messages, but not such a good solution for /say or /emote.
    * The text doesn't wrap, so messages from GuildRecruitment (and Trade, sometimes) lose their starts and finishes to the edges of the screen.
    * When Curse Profiler autoupdates Prat, I have to re-edit the file.

    It'd be nice to have checkboxes to say (for example) "I want /guild, /party, /raid, and my outgoing messages of any kind to pop up, nothing else", but even just a settings checkbox that configures 'show' to be true for all channels would be enough to basically get rid of the chatbox (hiding the box with alpha, and 'rolling off' the text with an extremely low fade value) entirely.

    Thanks for all the work on Prat!
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