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    Quote from Kerecha
    If i don't remember wrong the number is relative to the total and the other bars.

    So if total width is 30, and you have 3 bars all set to 1 they will all occupy 1/3rd of the total (in this case being 10 each), but if you change one of them to 2 they will now become 1/4 1/4 2/4, change it to 7 and you will have 1/9, 1/9, 7/9. (not 100% sure, but5 i think that would be the math)

    Thanks for the reply. I may not have explained the situation well enough. If you have 3 bars all with the same orientation (vertical or horizontal), then the bar width/height value specifies a relative size as you described. The case I'm talking about is when you have bars with both orientations in a single layout.

    If you create just one vertical bar next to some horizontal bars, then a width of 1 seems to cause it to take up about 10% of the layout width, while a width of 12 takes up about 60% of the layout width. I don't know where these sizes come from, or how to make the width smaller. The height values of the horizontal bars don't seem to affect the vertical bar's relative width, so I don't have any other values to adjust, as far as I can tell.

    The attachment shows the default Pitbull Normal layout with the power bar changed to the right side vertical position and the width set to 1. I'd like to understand why it has that particular thickness, and how to make it smaller.

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    Hi, I'm having trouble adjusting the widths of vertical bars in a layout that mixes horizontal and vertical bars. Here's an example:

    1. Select the "Normal" layout that comes with Pitbull, then make a new layout which copies its settings. There will be a few horizontal bars enabled.
    2. Set the Power bar to be on the Right side.
    3. Set the width of the Power bar to 1.

    The power bar will have a width that is around 10% of the overall layout width. The width slider sets a relative size, but relative to what? It's not relative to the heights of the horizontal bars, as changing them has no effect on the vertical bar's width. If I increase the vertical bar's width to 12, it takes up slightly more than 50% of the layout width.

    I would like to have some thin vertical bars on the side of a large horizontal health bar. Fractional values can't be entered in the slider's text box -- they get rounded. Can someone explain how the width of the bars is determined? Thanks.
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