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    It sounds like what it is needed is for someone to create a plugin with all the POI locations as notes. Cartographer_POI anyone?
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    No this mod only has a Casting Bar and Mirror, if you want enemy Casting bar check out Antagonist.

    That's too bad. I read this entire thread and I all I saw were a bunch of responses of--why would you want that? As-if the people asking were silly for wanting 1 casting bar addon for all the casting bars they want to see.

    Question: "why are people so obsessed with getting an enemy cast bar into a casting bar mod? seriously?"

    Answer: Because I play two classes (warrior and rogue) that are both responsible for INTERRUPTING spell casting when the mob/player is casting something nasty. I use eCasting Bar to put a nice big casting bar in the middle of my screen to alert me to the spell casting and make it easy to tell what it is they are casting.

    I might only have 3 seconds to decide whether to INTERRUPT a spell and I need to make sure I am interrupting the heal or polymorph and not something less important.

    Besides interrupting, this is also incredibly helpful for melee classes when a mob has an AOE effect that will go off (triggered by health at a certain % or something) and I need to run.

    Can I use the one I can attach to the Target frame? Sure. I actually use aguf to put those on party members and my focus frame. But I that's just a nice to have feature.

    Also along these lines-- Why it unreasonable to expect a casting bar mod to work for all of the available unit IDs? Blizzard made it pretty simple to access the info in 2.0, so why is that such a huge ask?

    An addon like Antagonist pre-2.0 had to do a lot of playing around with different events to get the information and that's not the case anymore. Personally, I'm trying to Ace2 my whole UI and with a few exceptions, I am almost there. Unfortunately, eCasting Bar is one of the addons that I haven't been able to replace yet.
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    It's not that much extra damage you're listed for.
    Actually-- it can be pretty significant. Let's say the mob has 10,000 HP and I crit him for 1800 when he has 600 left. I did 6% damage to him at the last hit, but the Damage Meter records 18%. That's 12% of the total damage in one last spike.

    If you take the above example and say the fight lasts 29 seconds. The "REAL" DPS report is 10,000 / 29 = 344 DPS. The reported DPS is 11,200 / 29 = 386 DPS. That equals a misrepresentation of 42 DPS for the fight.

    Now keep in mind that this assumes 10,000 hit points. A lot of tough mobs have in the 7500 range even at level 70 and that would be a 16% misrepresentation, not a 12% one.
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    There is a new quest addon on Curse that is awesome, but it currently only supports nQuestLog. It's called qComment (http://www-en.curse-gaming.com/files/details/6426/qcomment/) and what it does is make a database of all the comments posted at www.wowhead.com available to you in-game by hovering over the quest watcher and holding down ALT.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this support QuestsFu intstead of nQuestLog. All it appears to do is read the quest title in the watcher. It would seemed to be a simple enough thing to hook. Anyone?

    For those of you who don't know what www.wowhead.com is--it's a better version of Thottbot. The reason the comments are important is because people have provided xx,yy locations and other information.

    I'm actually using both QuestsFu and nQuestLog in the interim.
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    One other thing that I hate about Damage Meters. On my warrior main, when I execute--it tracks all damage--not just the damage needed to kill my mob. So if the mob has 6% health (600 health) and I crit an Execute for 1800 then my Damage Meters DPS jumps through the roof. In reality, it's never actually that high because I can only use Execute when the target is already low on health. Similarly, a mage that overkills with his Pyroblast encounters the same problem.

    Note: just brain-dumping here a bit. If people end up developing modules, I'm just giving some food for thought on the types of problems I encounter using meters.
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    Here's a suggestion...

    How about an option to "start" from the first point you damage something (or heal something). I would also include take damage from something, but I think that might defeat the purpose for people who want it to be a more accurate reflection of the damage they are doing. One of the problems with the "in-combat" monitoring is that often you end up recording a lot of time you aren't actually fighting.

    Alternately, an option to reset after a target change (start w/ first damage) and then record final DPS and Damage tallies on kill for that target would be very very cool. I know on my rogue alt, I want to know my DPS for the first mob as compared to a second mob in the same fight. I know it drops, but what can I do differently to maximize my DPS on the second mob. Also, on that first mob is it faster to open with a stunlock or to open with an Ambush. Was it worth switching to a slow sword and then back to a dagger?

    Personally, I really don't want to keep that data from fight to fight, but I would find it really useful.
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