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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    See attached for Alliance only database. Compliments to Byte for updating. Updated: 4-17-07

    Note: Because of the lack of people who responded with Alliance quests, much of this database is a conversion of the Horde quests. The conversion was done by comparing quest title to a comprehensive list of Alliance quest titles (from www.wowhead.com). A quest was kept if an Alliance quest with the same name was found otherwise it was discarded.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    See attached for Horde only database. Compliments to Byte for updating. Updated: 4-17-07

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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    I love this addon and want to start compiling a nice quest database. Please start sharing your databases to this thread. We can begin compiling them together once we get some people listing their databases.

    You can find your in the SavedVariables folder of the WTF directory. Please zip it up before posting to keep the file size down.

    Make sure you note whether your database is HORDE or ALLIANCE.

    Attached is the latest COMBINED, both Horde and Alliance database. Compliments to Byte for providing this update. Current as of 4-17-07.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_QuestObjectives - Official Thread
    Hey Overload, I have another request. I was explaining how I mark quests in another thread (http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=5060.msg86568#msg86568) and it occurred to me that a feature that would be REALLY nice with your addon.

    One of the things I like doing when I quest in an area is to mark ALL the quests in the entire area. I color ACTIVE objectives one color, objectives I have completed another color, and objectives I don't have for quests I have yet to get another color.

    This allows me to look for quest groupings, so I minimize the amount of time I spend in a quest area. If I see that I only have one objective and I can see there are a bunch of quests that I will get later in that same area, then I hold off until I get those quests.

    To do this effectively with your addon, you would need to add a simple quest log that just recorded the ID of quests that were completed. Then have an option to display non-active, non-completed quests objectives that checks against that quest log. I wouldn't worry about viewing completed quests. Mainly this is only important if someone in your own party hasn't completed the quest yet. Since you already support that, I wouldn't display these at any other time. Eventually, it could be nice to have a quest browser for that, but really--the better alternative would for someone to simply download your addon and get the quests through note-sharing.

    This would also be helpful in making sure you don't miss or forget about a quest. The important thing is that they had a completely different icon/color that was distinct. I don't think it's important to tell the type for these non-active quests (drop vs. mob kill) so one unique icon should be fine. Maybe a gray ! in a black circle or something?
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    posted a message on [Cartographer_Waypoints] Permanent Waypoints / Restorable Waypoints
    I mapped out all the quests in the Outlands in Excel and then put them as notes. I would download Cartographer_Quicknotes from www.wowace.com/files to help with these steps. It's not critical, but I found it helped with keeping things orderly.

    OK...here is what I did...

    I wrote down all the xx,yy coordinates for the OBJECTIVES of my quests. I didn't bother with the quest giver as other addons help manage this and I didn't want to clutter up my maps.

    I wrote the format as follows:

    xx,yy <title>

    For title, I put the Quest Name at the front. For quest chains, I put a (a1),(a2),(a3) at the end to signify how far in the chain the quest is. For example:

    60,41 A Head Full of Ivory
    65,47 Clefthoof Mastery (a1)
    51,30 Clefthoof Mastery (a2)
    68,39 Windroc Mastery (b1)
    50,60 Windroc Mastery (b2)

    This allowed me to see which is a chain and which is not a chain. This next part is pretty important. NEXT-- I used the following slash commands (from Cartographer_Quicknotes) to create map notes.

    /pnote = purple
    /rnote = red
    /gnote = green
    /ynote = yellow

    I then went and marked all my ACTIVE quests with purple notes:
    /pnote 65,47 Clefthoof Mastery (a1)
    /pnote 60,41 A Head Full of Ivory
    /pnote 68,39 Windroc Mastery (b1)

    And all the quest I didn't have yet with green notes:
    /gnote 51,30 Clefthoof Mastery (a2)
    /gnote 50,60 Windroc Mastery (b2)

    When you have six or seven notes on your screen, this color distinction is pretty meaningless. BUT--If you have ALL the quests in a zone mapped out, it getting pretty hard to tell which ones are currently active. That's when the color coding comes in REALLY handy. It does require that you be very dilligent about changing color status when you complete a quest (I turn mine red) and when you accept a quest (manually turning it from green to purple).

    What's really handy about this method is that you see quest GROUPINGs. In other words, you look for bunches of purples together. If you see 1 purple and a bunch of greens around it, then wait for that area to turn mostly purple before going to it. This allows you to maximize your time by going to areas that have the most quest objectives for you.

    OK...so how do waypoints fit in? Well--once you have this stuff mapped out, you just right-click on the NOTE you want to travel to and a waypoint is created. If there are a series of waypoints (go here then here then here), just keep adding them to the queue. My advice is to start with the one you want to go to LAST as the first one you right-click and the FIRST one you want to go to as the FIRST one you right-click. This is because, by default, new waypoints are always put at the front of the queue.

    ALSO-- There is a new addon called Cartographer_Quest Objectives that marks where you complete objectives and puts them on your map. The cool thing here is that it remembers across alts and can be shared with guildies and party members. Even though your first run at these may not have the objectives mapped, I suggest recording them out for posterity.

    Hope that helps!
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    posted a message on Cartographer_QuestObjectives - Official Thread
    7 out of 10 times when there is a library error it is because one of your other addons hasn't been updated to the latest version of the library. This doesn't always mean the other author hasn't updated--it just that you haven't downloaded a version updated for the new library.

    Along those lines, my guess is that Quest Objectives is using a newer version of Quixote than one of your other addons. Try upgrading those addons to see if it fixes the problem. The most popular addon that uses Quixote is QuestsFu.
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    posted a message on Fubar_DPS
    More likely, an external that all three mods use was updated and it broke the other ones. A simple fix is to just delete the Libs directory from the updated version and copy over the Libs from a older version.

    Available at:

    You'll note from the changelog above that none of the changes were to the .lua files. Only the .toc and the SVN properties.

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    posted a message on [request] Metamap Notes import
    I can't imagine how useful that file is without the guide. It appears that all the titles are simply the coords with no description of what is at the coords. Is it a questgiver, do I have the quest, have I already done the quest? And so on...

    My recommendation would be to instead download Cartographer_QuestObjectives and recruit as many guild members into using it as you can. Eventually, you'll have a pretty comprehensive database that the whole guild can use for leveling.
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    posted a message on FuBar - QuestsFu
    I might be wrong, but I don't think it's possible to get the quest level without having first accepted the quest. At least, not without keeping a quest database anyways. Even then, quests with the same name wouldn't display the right quest level. (Clefthoof Mastery for example, has several quests with the same name).
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    posted a message on Can this be done with Cartographer?
    That's exactly what "/way x,y" does. You can even "/way x,y title" if you want to label it. Or, alternately, right-click on a note and set a waypoint. It even will queue up your waypoints. Just remember to choose your final destination FIRST and your first destination LAST.

    I might be missing something, but I don't see the point in this being a Fubar... Either way, you have to type the coords into it.

    What I COULD see being helpful is a map sidelist of your notes similar to what is in Metamap when you ctrl-rightclick the ? mark. If this could be filtered by addon database and then rightclick to add waypoint, it would be super useful. Following that logic, having the same sidelist available in a Fubar (without opening the map), where you could just click to add a waypoint would be very useful. A simply Fu to enter x,y seems like a waste, though.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_QuestObjectives - Official Thread
    Fantastic! I'll try it tonight.
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    posted a message on Cartographer Quicknotes (an alternative to /note)
    The purpose of Cartographer_Quicknotes is to add more slash commands for inserting notes into Cartographer. I created the addon for my own use because I wanted more functionality than "/note" command provides.

    Specifically, I didn't like how a random icon was assigned when I used the "/note" command and I didn't like that I couldn't just "/note" and it would mark my current position.

    What this addon does is add 4 new slash commands:

    /ynote or /yellownote = note w/ yellow star (yellow square for Metamap Icons)
    /rnote or /rednote = note w/ red cross (red square for Metamap Icons)
    /pnote or /purplenote = note w/ purple diamond (purple square for Metamap Icons)
    /gnote or /greennote = note w/ green triangle (green square for Metamap Icons)

    I highly recommend downloading Cartographer_Icons and Cartographer_Icons_Metamap for use with this addon as I personally prefer the Metamap icons over the raid icons. However, both are supported.


    /ynote <x>,<y> <title> = marks a yellow note at x,y with title
    /ynote <title> = marks a yellow note at your location with title
    /ynote = marks a yellow note at your location (title = target if exists & not player)
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    posted a message on Weapon swing timer addon request
    I don't think your request is clear, but I know what you are talking about because I've been thinking about this for a few weeks. Let's see if I can explain:

    For MELEE classes, some type of timer that indicated when your next auto-attack was going to happen would be quite helpful.

    The reason is simple. You really only need to be in melee range for your attacks. So...if you can time your attacks well, then you can float in and out of melee range as you need to attack.

    The slower the weapon, the more benefit you gain. For people using a 2-hander that can have up to 3.5 seconds between attacks, this is REALLY useful. Here is an example in PvP.

    Let's say a big warrior w/ a 3.0 sec 2-hander is fighting a dagger rogue w/ 1.5 weapon attacks. It's in the warriors benefit to attack and then manuever out of range for 3 seconds and then back again. If he can do this successfully and repeatedly, the dagger rogue only gets to use his 1.5 sec attack every 3 seconds.

    Likewise, a sword rogue that has 2.5 second attacks is going to see a benefit here as well.

    A candy bar type thing could do this well as long as it only showed in combat and stayed full if your attack is ready.

    I would also say that MH support is the most important. That is typically the slower weapon due to the benefit of increased damage for instant attacks.

    This type of addon would be beneficial to anyone that does Melee damage I think. Warrior, Paladins, Shamans in particular and Rogues/Druids to a lesser degree.

    Edit: Another example of how this is helpful would be in timing certain types of abilities. For example, to maximize the effectiveness of an instant buff/debuff that has a short duration (8 seconds for example) you could time the use of that instant right before you knew you would auto-attack. Or alternately, let's say you are a rogue and you know you are going to Gouge but decide to wait .5 seconds to get off another auto-attack.
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    posted a message on [request] Metamap Notes import
    Barracuda: You needed to put the Metamap.lua file in the Cartographer_Import folder. Keep in mind that this is the Metamap.lua from the WTF folder, not the Metamap folder in your ADDON directory.

    I realize you are all fixed, but I thought I would mention it for others.
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    posted a message on Fubar - CharmsFu
    Update 2-26-07: Added an Auto Charms button for auto assigning party and raid targets. It's not intended to be fancy, just a quick way to setup targets. When clicked, Auto Charms will place an icon on the target of every party member (if in Party) or every raid officer (if in Raid).

    The logic does try to assign icons by class: mage1 is moon, mage2 is square, mage3 is triangle, warlock is cross, hunter is diamond, rogue is star, priest is circle. If a class is full or not listed, one of the icons not used is assigned to that player. By intentional design, the Skull is never auto assigned.

    If two players have the same target selected, only one icon is selected. The priority is based on the above: moon > square > triangle > cross > diamond > star > circle.

    Download from:
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