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    Just a (perhaps) crazy idea. Forget about embedding completely. Chuck all libraries into a zip-file and ask users to download and install that.
    I don't like embedding either, but I think it's here to stay. For whatever reason, many people appear to be more prone to adopt an addon if they don't have to download a separate addon to make it work.

    I agree that changing the zip script seems to be the way to go. That way, it could be setup to simply not include any of the embeds or the embed.xml file.

    How would this affect authors who didn't update? It would still be pretty much the way it is now, wouldn't it?
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    Update 4-9-07: I've updated the SVN with a new rev (32198) and made quite a few changes. The first post in this thread has been updated to reflect all the changes in the feature list. Most (if not all) of the requests in this thread have been addressed.

    It's worth downloading the latest for the changes I made to the loot options alone, but I also made some under-the-hood improvements to how I handle event.

    In the earlier releases, I just registered all the events even if you weren't using it. This was fine for testing purposes, but my intent was to eventually register (and unregister) them only as you chose them. This is the way it works now and I think it's a considerable improvement even if it's not a visible improvement.

    I've been using this rev myself since Friday with no problems. However, I still haven't used it while alerting raid or battleground messages. I don't expect any bugs, but feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Update: I've updated the SVN with a version that has options to use SCT, MSBT or the Blizzard Scrolling Text. The default is still the UI Errors Frame.

    Right now, the only option is to pick one of these for all Text Alerts. In a future version, I imagine I'll make some adjustments to allow the ability to pick which type goes to what frame.

    While SCT seems to work fine, I did notice that MSBT and Blizzard scrolling text do not "wrap text" like the default or SCT. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this wrap, please let me know...

    Mik's Scrolling Battle Text: By default, the MSBT option uses the Notification scroll area. However, if you create a custom area called "ChatAlertsFu" and reload the UI, it will use that one instead.
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    Sure. No reason I can't add options to send it to MSBT, SCT or the default Blizzard scrolling text instead. I'll add that in a few days.

    Personally, I am finding the alerts for Looting far more helpful than I had imagined.
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    What is ChatAlertsFu?
    ChatAlertsFu is an addon that alerts you to messages in the Chat frame. The alert can take the form of the actual text message being displayed in the main screen area and/or as a simple sound that plays.

    - Supports two different types of alerts: Text alerts & Sound alerts
    - Text alerts can be displayed in the UI Error Message Frame, SCT, MSBT or the Blizzard Scrolling Text
    - Users have the option of choosing which chat types display to which scroll area.
    - Chat types supported: Raid, Battleground, Party, System, Whisper, Say, Emotes, Monster emotes/yells
    - Channels supported: Receive alerts for General, WorldDefense, Trade or custom channels
    - Looting alerts: Receive alert messages for rolls and items looted
    - Option to add the total quantity in your bags to the end of your Text Alerts
    - Option to filter loot for yourself or party members by item rarity
    - Option to only show NEED rolls and winners
    - Option to only show your looted items
    - Text alerts inherit the colors used in the Chat Frame.

    Just install the addon and configure using the Fubar. All the options are configurable from your Fubar and can be changed in-game to suit your needs. I change my options frequently depending on what I am doing. By default, all Text Alerts are set to use the UI Error Message Frame ("Not enough mana", etc).

    Because the Text alerts inherit colors used in the Chat Frame, you can change the colors displayed by a message type by changing the color it uses in the Chat Frame.

    If you are using Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT), you can create a custom scroll area called "ChatAlertsFu" otherwise, by default, the MSBT option uses the Notification scroll area. SCT and the Blizzard Scrolling Text both use their default locations.

    You can change the Sound alerts noise by replacing the "blip.wav" file located in this addon's directory.

    Known issue:
    Text alerts displayed using Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT) or the Blizzard Scrolling Text do not text wrap and longer messages will run off the screen. My suggestion is to only use these areas for Text Alerts you know will be shorter like Loot messages and Emotes. This is simply a limitation of MSBT and BST and I do not have a planned fix at this time. This is not a problem with the default or SCT.
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    No need to import your own. A complete database dump from Wowhead.com has been converted here with all the node locations. See the thread below. Enjoy!

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    posted a message on Cartographer_QuestObjectives - Official Thread
    However, the new version of the DB will handle pretty much exactly what you want. The short description is that mob locations will be stored in a separate cross-faction table, so if you get a quest on the Horde to kill the same mobs you had to for an alliance quest, it will already know where those mobs are.

    Or that's another way to do it. :D:D I assume that this will be the case for all objectives (drops, gears) and not just mobs. If so--very very cool.
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    Subxero: OverloadUT has an import feature planned which is why I stopped writing my own. He's also going to make some changes to the DB structure that will improve the file size. However, he is also planning on storing a lot more information, so I suspect the size will end up being similar.

    That being said...

    OverloadUT: I "DO" have some suggestions about the database..

    About 50-60% of all quest are exactly the same for both Horde or Alliance characters. The questgiver is often different, but the quest title and objectives are exactly the same.

    One of the things I recently did was convert quite a few of these from my Horde database to an Alliance database. The problem is that the amount of information loaded is verging on huge because of all the duplicate data from both factions when you have both in the same file.

    I suggest a couple of alternative solutions:

    #1) Upon receiving a new quest (or at login), search for the quest in the Faction database you are currently playing. If it's there, do nothing else and continue as normal. If it is NOT there, then begin a search in the quest database of the OPPOSITE faction. When doing this, perform a check on objectives as well to make sure it is actually the same quest. If it IS the same quest, move it to a third table called "Both". Obviously, in actual practice, the search order would be current faction, then both, then opposite faction.
    - First, this cuts down on the overall size of the tables because it eliminates the duplicates.
    - Second, it allows someone with a database in one faction to take advantage of quest information they have in another format.
    - As noted above, while the objectives and titles are the same, the questgiver is often different. Since you plan on storing this as well, I would simply note it as ["horde"] = { ["questgiver"] = "",["turnin"] = "" } within each quest. That way, you could add other unique faction info if the need ever arised.

    #2) Alternately, you could simply make the databases Load-On-Demand for each faction.

    I'm not a huge advocate of the second option because I love the idea of searching the other factions quests if it's not in my faction. Right now, I am leveling an alliance toon that is 41 and a horde toon that is 47. If I complete a quest with the 47, I would love to have that recorded for the 41.

    #3) You could also check the faction of the questgiver and if it's one of the Nuetral races, put it in the "Both" table.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, but I finally got a chance to make some major updates based on all the databases provided. Attached you will find a database with BOTH factions included. For the "only my faction" files, see the links at the bottom that point to locations for those files.

    "But I only want my faction..."

    Here is a breakdown of what quest levels are included in each faction. One thing that is great is that we have A LOT of the new Outland quests mapped.

    556 Alliance Quests
    Level 1-9 - 32
    Level 10-19 - 27
    Level 20-29 - 7
    Level 30-39 - 52
    Level 40-49 - 68
    Level 50-59 - 112
    Level 60-69 - 203
    Level 70 - 55

    904 Horde Quests
    Level 1-9 - 56
    Level 10-19 - 88
    Level 20-29 - 69
    Level 30-39 - 100
    Level 40-49 - 110
    Level 50-59 - 128
    Level 60-69 - 286
    Level 70 - 67

    A quick note about the Alliance file. As many of you are aware, there were a lot more Horde players that submitted databases than Alliance. Rather than leave Alliance players out in the cold, I was able to convert about 450 Horde quests to Alliance. This was done by simply comparing quest title to a list of known Alliance quests. If the title was found in the list of Alliance quests, I kept it. Otherwise, I discarded it.
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    posted a message on kEnergy Official Thread
    Any plans to add sound support? I'd like a real low *thump* on every tick so that I can time my ticks without looking at the bar (I'd actually want to hide it).
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    posted a message on MetaMap-like database for Cartographer?
    I'm dont use the uploader/downloader. I just go to his website and manually download the database updates. I don't particularly care for .exe files from non-trusted sources.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    The new merged file will be up soon. I have an updated, but with the recent additions, I want to get those included before posting a new one.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    Thanks! Hopefully, I'll have time to combine them tonight and post an update here tomorrow. Please continue posting updates so I can combine your latest collection of objectives.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    i was too big so i deleted all the quests above Nagrand
    Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work that way. The quest values are stored in two places in his current db format. Best bet is to ZIP up the file by right-clicking it and selecing Send to--> Compressed folder. Then upload that zip file (it will be about 1/3 the size)
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    Thx this is a great start.
    No problem. Just make sure you return the love after you finish all those quests in Nagrand and the Blade's Edge Mountains. ;)
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