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    After having restarted WoW it seems to work without the Error. Still a bit wierd thou.

    Oh, and I also got a "zero something" error when I first saved an entry, guessing it have
    something to do with the table being empty.
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    posted a message on AHsearch
    When I choose an item from the menus I get an error. (An item I saved as a "favorite".)

    Error: attempt to index local 'button' (a nil value)
    File: Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua
    Line: 496
    Count: 4

    And the dropdown menu stays open. The text in the name box is correctly inserted from
    the saved value, but it doesn't seem to set the correct categories or press the search

    It might very well be a conflict with another addon, but guessing it should be possible
    to get it to work anyway.

    EDIT: Actually it seems to set the correct categori, it just doesn't show it. Not sure
    if its supposed to do that, but old AHFavorites did it that way.
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