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    Line 90 of GatherMate_Sharing.lua currently reads:
    if not zone or zone < 1 or zone > 64 or zone ~= floor(zone) then

    it needs to be changed to:
    if not zone or zone < 1 or zone > 80 or zone ~= floor(zone) then
    so that Northrend data is shared.

    One small request...
    It would nice if a chat message was displayed when you receive data from another guild member, so that you know you are sucessfully receiving data from other people. Something like this after line 113:
    DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("GatherMate: Received gather of " .. GatherMate.reverseNodeIDs[dbIndexes[nodeType]][nodeID] .. " from " .. sender .. " in " .. zoneName)

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    Quote from spunos
    Yes, I've had this happen a lot, and I was just as puzzled by it until I figured it out. It has in fact nothing to do with Bartender.

    By default, the "Previous Action Bar" and "Next Action Bar" actions are keybound to Shift-Arrow up, Shift-Scrollwheel up, Shift-Arrow down and Shift-Scrollwheel down. Removing these keybindings (in WoW's own keybinding menu) should hopefully fix the problem. :)

    That fixed it. Thank you!
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    Quote from Hannibull
    Need some help with what appears to be a paging problem. On my druid, I have bar 1 set to page to bar 7 when I switch into cat form. All is well until I cast a spell that pops me out of cat form and into caster. Bar 1 pages to what I have on bar 6 instead of just reverting back to my normal bar 1 setup. No error messages or anything, just the wrong bar. Sometimes a UI reload will fix it but lately it takes a complete shutdown of the game to get things back to normal.

    I'm running version 4.1.2 off of Curse.

    I am having a similar problem with BT4 on my Holy Priest. Last night whjile running SP I had the following events happen:

    1. Bar 1 suddenly disappears. (reloadui didn't work. I had to restart the game)
    2. the spells in Bar 1 suddenly switch to the spells in bar 6, so that bar 1 and bar 6 are identical. (again had to restart to fix the problem).
    3. I added some of the spells that are in bar 1 to bar 4 as a safety precaution. When Bar 1 disappeared again, I start using the backup spells from bar 4, suddenly the spell I am clicking on in bar 4 reappears in bar one along with some of the spells from bar 6.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this?
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    posted a message on PitBull: Save Layout Grayed Out - Cannot select Custom from the Choose list
    After saving a layout, the "Save Layout" option is grayed out. Additionally, attempting to select "Custom" from the Choose menu does not work.

    The only work around I have found is to delete the selected layout, which then resets the layout to "custom".

    Is the a bug, or is there any easier way to reset a layout back to custom?
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