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    thanks for your quick relpy!
    Enabling the first right action bar fixed the problem.

    thanks so much!
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    Hi all,
    I hope one of you can help me with this issue:
    I have installed Bartender 4 (4.3.0-beta2) and everything is working fine, except for my bags overlapping my right action bar.

    Take a look at these screenshots:

    The picture on the left is how I want it to work for all of my characters. The screenshot is from the character I used to set up Bartender4 with initially.
    For all my other characters (same account, same realm) it looks like the picture on the right. No matter where I position the bag bar, whenever I open my bags it overlaps with my action bars.

    I tried deleting the profiles for these characters and starting from scratch: same issue.
    I tried copying/applying the profile from the character where the bags open just fine but it just properly rearranges the action bars leaving me with the same issue: bags still overlap the right action bar.

    I am running OS X and Bartender 4.3.0-beta2.

    Any ideas of what I might be missing here?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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