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    Quote from jaredheath
    ok I'm confused, and admit I have not tried the addon yet.

    Are you saying ora3 does not provide the frames AND the ability to set the MTs or are you saying it still has the ability to set MTs and broadcast that info to other addons, but it simply does not have the DISPLAY frame part of the MT info?

    From what I gather oRA3 no longer sets MTs. This is done by the Blizzard interface. It will however sort the MTs for whatever addon you use to display MT frames. oRA3 no longer has MT frames.

    As for player targets you can set these within oRA3 and they'll be added and sorted with the MTs from Blizzards interface in whatever MT frame addon you are using if it supports oRA3.
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    Edit: Nevermind. Seems to have fixed it self last update.
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    Sounds like a sexy idea to me. Saves waiting for people to get in what you think is range so you don't waste reagents.
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    Quote from Sereni »

    Probably been asked... but any plans on implementing a combatfader for the actionbars? would be pretty sweet =)

    Issue is that Infinibar has the ability to do that, but no fadeout ability and vice versa with bartender3. =(

    I'd like to second the fadeout on combat ability. I came up with a cool layout but it looks crappy when my hud and stuff fades out and just 2 bars are left.
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